How to Measure Arch-Top Glass for Woodstoves

Replacement woodstove glass, which is really a transparent ceramic can be cut into almost any shape. Some can be measured with a tape measure, others may be more complex and require a paper pattern. We are going to discuss both methods here.

Method One: Direct Measurement Method

Arch top glass with distinct or squared corners can be easily measured with a simple tape measure. It is easiest to take measurements directly from the glass you are replacing, to ensure a good fit.

Measurements should be within 1/16”, so please be as precise as possible.

  1. Thickness: How thick is the piece of glass that you need? Most woodstove glass is 3/16” thick (Neoceram). Ceramic glass also is available in 1/8” and non-transparent 5/32” thicknesses.
  2. Width: First measure the overall width (w).
  3. Max Height: Measure overall height (H1) at the highest center point of the arch.
  4. Min. Height: Measure the height at the sides of the piece (H2). This shape assumes that the curve along the top is a smooth line.

Method Two: Paper Pattern Method


Tracing a paper template or pattern is used for complex shapes where measurements are difficult to take. An example would be when the arch-top glass has corners with a radius.

Paper patterns are a tracing of the current glass that is being replaced. You can make a tracing of your glass on a large piece of butcher paper/cardboard/grocery sack/etc. and then mail the paper pattern to us.

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