Woodstove Glass

Woodstove with glassWoodstove Glass

We specialize in providing replacement wood stove glass tailored to your specifications

If you are looking at replacing the glass on your woodstove, we specialize in providing wood stove glass doors tailored to your specifications. We use NeoCeram, a glass-ceramic that can tolerate exceptionally high temperatures and maintains high thermal shock resistance. Since NeoCeram can withstand extremely high temperatures, woodstoveit is perfect on gas fireplaces where the fire is hotter than traditional fireplaces, and the glass is six inches away from the flames.
NeoCeram is transparent, so you will be able to clearly watch the fire in your woodstove burning. This adds to the enjoyable environment of having a woodstove. Having glass in your woodstove door makes the experience of a fire burning on a frigid winter day more comfortable.

canstockphoto17663578Often times once your woodstove glass breaks you attempt to get replacement glass from the original manufacturer, only to find out they no longer make it for the model you have, or that the wait time until you receive your glass is weeks. If you are in need of replacement glass for your woodstove, we can replace it within 24 hours. Just give us a template of the glass needed and we will custom cut it. You’ll be back to enjoying your wood stove within 24 hours.

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