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Also known as: Custom glass shelves, Bathroom shelving, Glass shelf and Custom glass shelves.

Customize your space with our made-to-order glass shelves, cut, drilled, and edged to create the perfect piece of flat glass for any application. Our skilled team is adept at making the necessary customizations to ensure your glass shelf meets both your design and functional needs with elegance and strength.

At our state-of-the-art facility, we handle every aspect of glass shelf fabrication, from the initial design to the final touches. This allows us to not only guarantee the quality of your glass shelves but also to provide them at competitive prices due to our efficient process and bulk material procurement.

We understand the importance of prompt service, which is why we focus on fast shipping, getting most glass shelf orders out the door within 1-2 days. Trust us to bring clarity and sophistication to your glass shelving needs, delivering premium glass shelves that combine aesthetic appeal with practicality, all at an exceptional value.

*See FAQs below for more detail


Glass Types: Tempered glass, Annealed Glass
Thicknesses (in): 3/16″ 1/4″ 3/8″ 1/2″
Sizes: Up to 60” x 96”
Shapes: Almost any shape
Glass Tints Many glass tint colors, etched and patterns available
Edgework: Standard, flat, bevels and rounded pencil edge
Holes and Slots: Cut by water jet prior to tempering
Glass Tempering as little as 2” x 2”
Delivery Most custom glass orders Ship in 1-2 days

  • custom glass shelves with champagne glass
  • custom glass shelves with television and video player
  • custom glass shelves with wooden frame
  • custom glass shelves with bottle jars
  • two-layer custom glass shelves
  • custom glass shelves with wooden edge
  • three-layer custom glass shelves

Glass Shelf Pricing

Tempered Glass Tempered Glass

This product is used most often for shelves, some fireplaces and table tops. Tempered glass breaks into many small pieces when broken and usually never cracks.

Annealed Glass Annealed Glass

Often used in small pieces. This product is not considered a safety glass. Annealed glass does not shatter into small pieces. If broken, the piece will crack into large shards. Maximum Annealed Glass Size: 29-15/16" x 47-15/16". For pieces larger than this please select Tempered Glass.

Tempered Glass Shelves

Tempered Glass Shelves

Whether for displaying awards in your office or showcasing memorabilia in your living area, our glass shelves provide the ideal combination of function and style. Crafted from durable tempered glass, these shelves are not only strong but also add a sense of openness and depth to your environment.

At One Day Glass, we understand that personalization is key. That’s why we offer tailored solutions, cutting each tempered glass shelf to your preferred length, depth, and thickness. With the option for exposed edges, you can infuse your personal style into every detail. Choose our standard seamed edge or elevate the look with a rounded (pencil) or flat polished edge for a sleek, finished appearance.

The customization extends to the finish of the edges as well. Opt for a high-gloss polish to capture the light, or select a frosted matte grind for a contemporary, subtle effect. If you have a unique vision for the edge design, share it with us. Our team is dedicated to bringing your custom glass shelf ideas to life, with most orders ready to ship within 1 – 2 days. Start your order today and transform your space with the elegance of custom glass shelves.

Glass Weight Load Calculator

1. Glass Type

2. Dimensions

Dimensions must be provided in INCHES and Fractions of INCHES. Width is the bigger (longer) dimension; Height is the shorter (smaller). Dimensions must be provided in INCHES and Fractions of INCHES.
Inches Fraction of an Inch
All measurements are in inches*

3. Glass Thickness

How thick is the glass?

4. Support Span

Custom Glass Shelves FAQs

People choose tempered glass for a reason — these are more durable than regular glass. That’s why if you’d like to have some glass shelves, it’s better to choose tempered glass material so that it can last longer and can handle the weight more.

Tempered glass is stronger than standard glass and does not shatter into large shards when broken. Tempered glass is often used in applications where using standard glass could pose a potential danger. Manufactured through a process of extreme heating and rapid cooling, tempered glass is much harder and stronger than normal glass.

Yes. Tempered glass is normally used. You can order any of our glass types and use them for glass shelves. You can use annealed glass (weaker, but cheaper), Laminated glass (2 sheets of glass with plastic sheet between) or Ceramic glass (high temperature applications). To order, click on the red order now button at the top of the page and start by selecting the type of glass that you want.

Since all of our projects are custom made to order, there is no standard thickness for shelves of any given size. The most important thing is that the glass is tempered which is what gives the glass strength. For this reason, much of the choice is aesthetic and will vary from person to person and project to project.

Use our Glass Weight Load Calculator to calculate how much weight your glass shelf can safely hold.

We live up to our name! Most orders are shipped within 1 business day after being submitted and approved. We do our best to ship orders received before 12:00pm (Noon) Pacific Time for all the same day they are ordered but generally ship no later than the next business day. If your piece is extremely labor intensive (ex. IGU, cut to a pattern), larger than 24″ x 48″, requires edgework, or an uncommon tint/thickness, it may take us extra time to get it just right.

Once your order is placed, your email order confirmation will display the estimated production time and estimated delivery dates based upon your order specifications and the delivery option chosen.

The industry-wide accepted tolerance on 1/8″, 3/16″, and 1/4″ is +/- 1/16″. This includes side shift on laminated products. The industry-wide accepted tolerance on 3/8″ and 1/2″, +/- 1/8″. This includes side shift on laminated products.

Glass thicknesses are shown as a Nominal Thickness, meaning “in name only”, used solely for identification. These are commonly listed as 1/8″, 5/32″, 1/8″, 3/16″, 1/4″, 3/8″, and 1/2″. The nominal size may not match the exact thickness but will be within the acceptable industry-wide thickness range and can correspond to a large number of highly standardized dimensions and tolerances.

It is simple to measure a radius by using our radius measurement tool. Download the tool by clicking here. Print the tool. When printing please make sure page scaling is set to none. To verify you have printed the tool to the correct scale measure the 1″ Scale Line at the bottom of the page. It should measure out to exactly 1″. If it does not measure correctly please check your printer settings.

The correct radius will fill the entire curved area on the template.

A “seamed” edge is one that has been lightly sanded to remove any sharp burrs. Glass with a seamed edge is safe to handle but is not decorative. It is our standard finish and is available at no extra charge. We will never send out glass with sharp edges that you could not handle safely without being cut.

The seamed edge is recommended for all applications in which the edges of the glass are not exposed.

For example, if your glass will be installed into the frame of a fireplace door and no one will see the edges once the glass has been installed, a seamed edge is all you need.

For shelves, table tops, or the like, you may want to consider upgrading to a more finished/decorate edge.


Ginger S


5/5 stars
Quick and easy to work with. They replaced my oven door glass in days while the part from the oven manufacturer is on backorder…forever. Problem solved!

Ginger S


5/5 stars
Quick and easy to work with. They replaced my oven door glass in days while the part from the oven manufacturer is on backorder…forever. Problem solved!

Ryan Daam


5/5 stars
The way the web page was set up I was able to access the information needed to choose the right type of glass for my wood stove. Just punched in the numbers , style and finishes for my glass. Had a price (much cheaper than competitors). 4 days later I had my glass. The other glass places soonest was a month to get the glass. Glass fit perfect. Great experience.

Doug Czora


5/5 stars
Ordering replacement glass for my wood stove was easy. The process and options were explained in detail.

Michael Yates


5/5 stars
I was very happy to find a company that would cut custom sizes of high temperature glass as the oven company no longer supported my model. Piece size came exactly as requested even though the a +/- range allowance was noted on the website. Door was reassembled and mounted with no issues. Oven operational again at the fraction of the cost of a new unit. Fantastic! Can’t thank you enough.

Robin Reid


5/5 stars
Easy to order. Great product. I don't use it in traditional way. I use it to protect my fused glass art when firing in a kiln. It transmits heat but doesn't melt. Pins and debris fall harmlessly on the NeoCeram and not on my art. Fast delivery also!

Grandpa T


5/5 stars
Quality product , glass for my Pine Barren wood stove cut perfectly , fast shipping , well packed , recommend Highly , Thanks !

Peter Dahl


5/5 stars
Purchased replacement ceramic glass for the door of our wood stove. Website was easy to use, the price was the best I found, and shipping was quick. Glass arrived safely and was securely packaged. Very pleased.

Ryan Nicholas Bowler


5/5 stars
Perfectly cut glass. It looks amazing in my wood burning stove. It came super fast, within 3 days. The only thing I would have liked was the option for thinner rope for the seal.

Linda Shope


5/5 stars
Ordered and received the glass for our wood stove within days! Great turn around and the glass replacement was perfect. Thank you so much

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