Glass Office Chair Mats

Also known as: glass chair mats, glass floor mats glass desk chair mats and custom glass office chair mats.

We fabricate flat tempered glass to any size and shape for use as glass chair mats. These can be in clear tempered glass or in available color tints. Corners are typically 3 inch radius, but can be done to shape including round circles.

¼ inch Tempered glass is safe for loads of 1000 lbs. which works well for most office environments.

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Glass Types: Tempered Glass
Thicknesses (in): 1/4 and other thicknesses are available.
Sizes: Tempered glass custom cut up to 60” x 96”.
Shapes: Almost any shape
Glass Tints: Many glass tint colors and patterns available
Edgework: Standard, flat, bevels and rounded pencil edge
Holes and Slots: Cut by water jet prior to tempering
Glass tempering: as little as 2” x 2”

Custom Glass Chair Mats

Custom Glass Chair Mats

Custom tempered glass chair mats give you a fashionable contemporary look in your office. Tempered glass is hardened glass that is strong and is dent and scratch resistant. Since each piece is custom made to your needs, it will fit perfectly with your office furnishings.

  • Made from hardened tempered glass so they never dent and are always effortless to glide your chair on.
  • 1/4 inch tempered glass will easily support a 1,000 pound load.
  • Easily cleaned and stain / scratch resistant
  • These custom chair mats are custom made to your exact specifications.
  • Perfect for home or office on all floor types, including high-pile and low-pile carpets, hardwood and marble.
  • Can be made to any shape including round circles or irregular shapes.

round circles or irregular shapes

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