Glass Weight Load Calculator

1. Glass Type

2. Dimensions

Dimensions must be provided in INCHES and Fractions of INCHES. Width is the bigger (longer) dimension; Height is the shorter (smaller). Dimensions must be provided in INCHES and Fractions of INCHES.
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All measurements are in inches*

3. Glass Thickness

How thick is the glass?

4. Support Span

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Glass is quite a heavy material, but it still depends on the glass type. At One Day Glass, we consider the glass weight in terms of our custom designs. Suppose you have a design in your mind and you want to know if the glass weight is suitable to what you envision; you can calculate the weight first and see if your idea will work out. Calculating the weight of the glass is pretty easy. You may follow this simple equation for you to come up with a specific glass weight:

Glass Weight in KG = Area of Glass M2 (Length x Width) x Thickness of the Glass x 2.5 KG

You can measure glass thickness by using a gauge or vernier caliper. The glass thickness gauge is ideal for measuring the thickness of a single-layer glass. It is also suitable when measuring installed glass. Suppose you prefer a vernier caliper, take note that it can only measure single-layer glass. Meaning, you cannot use it to measure installed glass.

The weight that a particular glass can load depends on several factors, including the glass type, its dimensions, thickness, and support span. To help you, you may check this link to calculate weight load. All you need to do is determine the glass type, put the dimensions in inches, and select a support span.

Usually, single-strength glass is used in residential windows, which is 3/32" thick. However, the standard glass thickness is different for larger windows. Typically, double strength is used, which is 1/8" thick. If you are planning to have a huge residential window, it would be ideal to use 5/32" or 3/16" thick glass. Doing so assures adequate wind-load resistance.

The average cost of tempered glass is around $150 to $200, but it still depends on the glass thickness and other customizations. If you want to know how much your glass project would be, you may call us to get a FREE estimate.
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