Tempered Laminated Glass Manufacturing

What Is It?

Tempered laminated glass is a hybrid of two strong types of glass:

  • Laminated glass, which consists of two glass panes with a thin, clear vinyl layer in-between that prevents the glass from shattering on impact.
  • Tempered glass, which has been heat-treated to make it harder and more durable than standard glass.
You get the strength factor of tempered glass with the shatter-proof factor of laminated glass.
Tempered Laminated Glass Manufacturing

Strong and Safe

There are several advantages with tempered laminated glass:

  • It’s harder and more scratch-resistant than standard glass.
  • If broken, it crumbles into “pebbles” rather than sharp pieces.
  • Lamination prevents falling or flying glass shards.
  • Vinyl inner layer provides additional resistance to outside noise.

Many Uses

This type of glass has a wide range of uses in homes, offices, and elsewhere:

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