Privacy Glass

Privacy Glass

Privacy – it’s one of the words that we associate with safety and security. Even though many of us want our homes and offices to be places that are friendly and welcoming, there are still plenty of places where we don’t invite scrutiny. Bedrooms and bathrooms, for example.

For those who relish their privacy, there is good news!

One doesn’t have to live in an underground CIA bunker in order to maintain a modicum of privacy in their everyday environment. For those with enough discretionary income to spend on renovating or building a custom home, the use of privacy glass can be a great way to achieve a layer of seclusion.

At One Day Glass, we pride ourselves in being able to help people get the right piece of glass for the right price – and get it delivered in no time.

Interestingly, “privacy glass” is sort of an umbrella term that could refer to any number of kinds of glass. There is frosted glass (like our satin etch, for example), where the view from outside is obscured by a sandblasted-style finish that makes everything look foggy or blurry. Some people opt for privacy in the form of tinted glass, where the glass includes a an embedded tint that obscures the view by making it look darker (similar to tinted windows on luxury cars).

Whatever the application, if you’re in the market for any form of flat glass and you want it to have a layer of privacy, you’ve come to the right place! We can walk you through the various options and price points.

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