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Benefits of Using Insulated Glass Units

insulated glass window

Thinking of getting insulated glass units for your home? It’s best to know everything you can. In this article, we’ll be talking about the benefits you can reap from it. Benefits of Insulated Glass Units More and more household owners are choosing insulated glass units. Below are the reasons why: You’re more comfortable inside your…

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What Is a Sealed Window Unit?

double glazed window unit

Who knew that choosing the right kind of window can help our environment? The sealed window unit is a good choice for many household owners. It’s able to help you save the planet and even your wallet. What Is a Sealed Window Unit? A sealed window unit is a type of window that includes two…

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Fire-Rated Glass Doors for Modern Commercial Use

fire-rated glass doors

Keeping your building safe from fire doesn’t mean you have to compromise its design. Today, you’re able to get fire-rated glass doors and even windows. This ensures your company has great aesthetics and fire safety. Versatility of Fire-Rated Glass Doors Modern companies value aesthetics. It’s able to help them gain more customers. But it’s tough…

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Fire Glass for Building Doors and Windows

fire glass for windows

Getting a fire resistant glass for your home is essential. It’s just one step closer to ensuring your home is a safe haven for your family. Using fire glass for doors and windows can help keep you safe in case of fire. The Benefit of Fire Glass Windows and Doors Fire glass is able to…

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Benefits of Fire-rated Glass

fire-rated glass

Keeping your home and family safe should always be a priority. And we often do what we can, such as installing security cameras and systems and fencing our homes. Adding fire-rated glass may push your home’s protection to another level. What Is Fire-rated Glass? Fire-rated glass is also known as a fire-resistant safety glass. It’s…

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Using Heat-Resistant Glass for Fire Safety

heat-resistant glass for fire safety

Heat-resistant glasses are now getting more popular among individuals. It’s able to provide safety in times of a dangerous situation. But how and when can it be useful? Fire Safety Fire safety should be a priority for any building whether residential or industrial. Once a fire breaks out, lives aren’t the only ones compromised. Your…

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Why Use A Tempered Glass For Your Coffee Table

coffee table tempered glass

When we hear about tempered glass, first thing that comes to mind are those screen protectors for our phones. But it is not the only where it is used. Tempered glass is known for its durability against a standard glass. And because it is stronger, it does not get into shreds when broken. It is…

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How Do You Clean a Cloudy Tempered Glass Table Top?

cleaning tempered glass tabletop

Installing a tempered glass table top is a great investment. It’s important to maintain its cleanliness to see that immaculate shine from the glass. In some cases, you might see certain cloudy textures on the glass and it’s important that you know how to clean this. Tempered glass is a well-known type of tough glass…

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4 Tools To Amp Your Tempered Glass Table Top

modern glass table

Why would you want to use a tempered glass table top? People have fallen in love with tempered glass. This is because of how strong it is in comparison to annealed glass. If you need a glass top that can provide longevity, security, and durability, then tempered glass is the answer. The tempered glass helps…

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Tempered Glass Table Top Basics You Should Be Checking Constantly

modern glass table top

A tempered glass tabletop is where you temper a glass. This means you are adding strength to the glass. Tempered glass is five to seven times stronger compared to normal or annealed glass. They are also harder to crack than regular glass types. One other term for this glass is safety glass because it turns…

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