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What’s the Difference Between Tempered and Ceramic Glass?

tempered clear glass

Knowing the difference between a tempered and ceramic glass makes a huge difference when you need to install a new glass or replace a broken one at home. Take note that the temperature and usage affect the glass in different ways. You do not want to waste money installing a new glass only for it…

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The See-Through Office Walls with Tempered Glass Panels

tempered glass office wall

One of the latest trends in workplace design is putting up tempered glass panels as interior walls. It does not only provide light and space in the office, it also encourages collaboration. Glass walls are becoming more and more popular because it reduces space and gives any room the appearance of openness. Glass Walls Encourage…

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Interior Design Tips: Glass Coffee Table Top

Glass Coffee Table Top

A coffee table is not only a useful furniture especially in the living room, it can also a statement piece. Choosing a coffee table usually depends on how you decorated the room and how often you and your family will use it. Keep in mind that you may need a sturdier coffee table if you…

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How to Display a Collection on Glass Shelves

glass shelves

Anyone who is passionate about something should be proud of it. If your passion is collecting items that are meaningful for you such as limited items or memorabilia, it is understandable that you want to display them in your home where other people can see them. This will allow your family members or house guests…

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How Do I Clean a Glass Whiteboard?

glass whiteboards

Glass boards are now the top choice compared to the regular whiteboards because of its durability and non-staining ability. They work just like regular whiteboards. The smooth surface can be used for writing with whiteboard marker or permanent markers. However, glass boards will never stain easily like a regular whiteboard does when used over time,…

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Discover the Magic of Frameless Mirrors

custom frameless mirrors

Contrary to popular belief, mirrors can still look great even without a frame. In fact, a frameless mirror is actually a better choice to achieve a particular look that matches your interior. If you are looking for other reasons to choose a frameless mirror over one that has a frame, here are some of them….

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Converting Your Tub to a Luxury Shower with Frameless Glass Shower Doors

frameless glass shower doors

If you are planning to renovate your bathroom, converting your tub into a luxury shower is a great idea especially if you seldom use the tub and if you want to give your bathroom an elegant upgrade. Having a spacious bathroom is considered a luxury. If your bathroom space is on the smaller side, it…

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OneDayGlass Now Ships Custom Cut Glass Products to the UK

custom cut glass ships to UK

The wait is over and customers all over the UK can now buy our full line of custom cut glass products and have them shipped to their home or business. We now provide quick, reliable shipping to our customers on the UK in addition to Canada and the United States. All our products can be…

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Benefits of Fireplace Glass Doors

fireplace glass doors

Installing Glass Doors To Your Fireplace Another trend in upgrading or remodeling the interior design of an old house is by replacing the door of a fireplace with glass. Fireplace glass has many additional benefits apart from beautifying your home and upgrading its looks. Here are some of them. It gives a modern and elegant…

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What You Should Know About Double Glazing Repairs

double glazing repair

If your home has double glazing glass, it is much more energy efficient because these types of window units are designed to prevent hot and cold air from permeating into your home. But what happens if your double glazing units begin to fail or need repair? How will you know if it’s time for a…

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