What glass thickness do I need for my glass table top?

That depends on the size and use of your glass table top. Thinner glass such as 3/16” works well as a glass cover that rests on top of the actual table surface.

Thicker glass such as ½” works very well for larger tables that need a glass table top to support heavy loads.

Standard thicknesses used for a glass table top

  • 3/16″ thick glass works well for a glass table top cover that rests on a table top or on lighter duty tables where the glass fits into an outside frame.
  • ¼” thick glass is a good thickness for heavier duty glass table top covers, standard duty tables with outside frames or smaller tables with lighter duty uses.
  • 3/8” thick glass is good for heavier duty tables where the glass is the table top and the table top is largely unsupported.
  • ½” thick glass is for heavy duty applications where the table needs to support heavier loads and the table top is unsupported.

What is the difference between a glass table top and a glass table cover?

A glass table top means that the table top is constructed out of glass. A glass table cover is a protective layer of glass that rests on top of the actual table top.

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