Is It Time To Replace That Glass Table Top?

Your glass table top has developed surface scratches over time. What are your options to restore your glass table top to new?

You can go out and buy a new glass top table. You can order a replacement glass table top. You can also try to do some light buffing or polishing to restore the appearance.

How Glass Table Tops are Made

A glass table top starts out as standard glass and is cut to size, the edges are polished or beveled and holes can be drilled or cut. Once it is shaped, the glass is put through a tempering process which is a special heating process to make it harder and more durable than standard glass.

Tempered glass will resist scratching. Tempered glass can still break when hit with enough force. Instead of breaking into jagged pieces like standard glass, tempered glass crumbles into safer granular chunks. Tempered glass cannot be cut or reworked once toughened by tempering.

Glass Table Top Buffing

This means your ability to remove scratches from tempered glass will be limited and must be done gently. Here is a process (no guarantees) that you can use to buff out light scratches.

First you will want to use a soft cloth or lambswool since paper or rough fabric can introduce more surface scratches. Start by cleaning the area around the scratches. Using a fine metal polish, jewelers rouge or even whitening toothpaste, dab a little over the scratches and gently rub it into the scratch. This may take several attempts, and you can do light buffing to help polish out the scratches. You can also try using a variable speed buffer (medium speed).

Need to replace that glass table top? You can order a replacement glass table top online that will be delivered to your door.

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