How to Order a Glass Table Top Replacement

Although a tempered glass table top is very durable, they can break or shatter. Older tables may become scuffed or scratched. Ordering a glass table top replacement is easy and you can have it custom made to most any thickness, length, width or shape. You can even have holes put in which must be done before the glass is tempered.

Shape: Table tops can be any shape. They can be round, square or rectangular for standard shapes. If you have a unique shape, you can provide a paper pattern or a digital file like a CAD file.

Type of glass: usually tempered glass is the best choice for a glass table top. Tempered glass is stronger than standard glass and does not shatter into large shards when broken, this is important because it can greatly minimize potential danger in the case of a break.

Thickness: Table tops typically range from 3/16” to ½”.  3/16” or ¼” would be used as a protective cover over another surface. Patio tables are commonly 3/16” or ¼”. 3/8” and ½” are used to support heavy objects and where the table top is unsupported by a frame.

Tint: Table tops can be ordered in clear or a variety of tints.

Edge Finish: The standard edge provided by most glass manufacturers is  a standard seamed edge (square edge sanded to remove burrs). This is not recommended for glass table tops. Instead opt for ground flat edge.  A rounded pencil grind or beveled edge can be added where a more finished or decorated look is desired.

Holes: Holes can be drilled before the glass is tempered. Show the location and size of a hole, if desired. As an example, in a patio table top, you may require a center hole for an umbrella.

You can request a glass table top replacement order here or you can call at (800) 452-6117 with questions or for assistance.

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