When to do Vinyl Window Repair or Replacement?

Even with proper care and maintenance, vinyl windows will begin to show signs of wear and tear over time. Thus, vinyl window repair is needed when they show these signs, and better do it early when the window has minimal damage.

If a window’s frame is bent or warped, it may need to replace entire window. Still, if the damage is only surface level, it will be possible to sand down and fix the existing frame outwardly smooth and aesthetically pleasing.

Vinyl Window Repair vs. Replacement

Professional vinyl window repair services are available for those who want to save money on the high expense of replacement windows but do not have time or desire to handle the job themselves. Besides being skilled in standard window repair, most professionals also offer unique installation procedures, such as using foam insulation on the inside of the window, improving its energy efficiency.

While vinyl window repair is an easy enough project for some homeowners to tackle without assistance, it may be preferable to contact a professional in cases where there is extensive damage. These professionals have enough experience with all types of window repairs, so you are sure that they can repair with flawless output.

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In addition, they will know how to approach the job, where to look for damage, and how much labor will be necessary.

Before deciding between vinyl window repair versus replacement, it is best to conduct an initial inspection of the damage. Then you can consult several local professionals for a quotation for both options. This way, owners will know what their budget can accommodate and see whether they can handle the repair independently.

Vinyl window repair is a simple and effective means of making an older window frame appear fresh, new, and clean again. While complete replacement is a good choice in some cases, it may be preferable to save money by repairing existing windows rather than throwing them out and replacing them with a new set.

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Vinyl Window Repair

If you feel like the damage on your vinyl window is minimal, like holes or cracks on the window frames or broken seals, you can address it with a simple repair. However, here are some things you need to do before getting started.

Prepare the workspace

First, prepare a clean workspace in a room with plenty of natural light to repair the window properly. You can lay down newspaper or an old blanket in your work area to provide some protection from splinters and spills.

When cleaning, you have to make sure that you wipe out any liquid spillages. You can use paper towels or a cloth. Then use a brush to remove any dust or lint. Rinse the window frame thoroughly when finished, then dry before proceeding.

Gather the Tools

Once you are ready to start the repair of your vinyl window, take the following tools:

  • Rubber gloves to avoid exposing yourself to hazardous chemicals
  • Painter’s tape or masking paper for protecting the area around the window
  • Clear packing tape
  • Glue sticks or a bottle of adhesive solvent
  • Razorblade or utility knife
  • Wooden or metal spline roller (if your window comes with a vinyl or fiberglass mesh)
  • A rubber, foam, or felt furniture bumpers

Steps on Vinyl Window Repair

  • Remove Window or Window Sashes. After you have cleaned out the inside of the window frame, you can remove window or window sashes from the edge. Make sure to protect yourself with rubber gloves.
  • Place painter’s tape along all four sides of each window inside the frame. If any glass is present in your window sashes, use masking paper to cover it up before proceeding.
  • You can remove the sashes from their channels once the tapes are in place.
  • Drying Vinyl Window after Repair. Once you have repaired all cracks, you should wait at least an hour before removing the masking or painter’s tape from around the sashes. You will also need to allow your newly repaired vinyl window time to dry thoroughly.
  • You can then reassemble the window by placing the glass pieces back into their channels and gluing them in place if needed. For added security, apply painter’s tape along both sides of each piece of glass before applying the glue. You can use a rubber, foam, or felt furniture bumper for large windows with multiple panes in between each piece of glass to add extra stability.
  • Test the window frames. You can now test the window frames by raising and lowering each sash once done. If they are stuck or do not work correctly, apply the solvent along the spline roller, then press it between each window sash.
  • Finally, tighten any screws or bolts on your window frame as needed, reinstall the window back into its frame, and clean up all your supplies. You can now enjoy proper use of your vinyl window again.

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Replacing a Vinyl Window

Once you remove the window, examine the damage and see if the damage is beyond repair. But if there is only one crack, you can address it with simple vinyl window repair.

Replacing a Vinyl Window

If you choose to replace the window parts, you may follow these steps:

  • Replace any broken glass pieces with the new ones. It will help if you order ahead of time.
  • Then apply painter’s tape along the inside of the crack if it is on the interior side of your window or both sides if it is on an exterior side.
  • Next, apply clear packing tape over the crack(s) on either side of the window.
  • Finally, push the window together until it’s tightly sealed, or you can roll a wood spline through the channel on both sides to reinforce the seal.
  • Then remove any excess adhesive along both sides of the window with an adhesive solvent and apply stickers to seal the edges.

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Choosing for a Glass Panel for Vinyl Window

When choosing a glass supplier, be sure to ask about their procedure and what types of applications they are using. This way, you can select the best supplier to meet all your needs.

Glass panels are available from most suppliers with or without pre-cut tape around the edges. If ordering without tape, make sure to provide the correct measurements as the glass will need to be cut to fit.

One Day Glass can provide you with the glass panels you need. They also offer free consultations, so you can be sure to choose the right glass for your window. With their team of experts, they can help ensure that your window makes it back in working condition again.

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