Double Pane Windows Cost : What Do You Need to Know Before Installation?

Double pane windows can double the efficiency of your home’s energy usage. This is because two panes of glass contain two air spaces, an insulating space filled with dead air. Heat is transferred from all sides to the trapped air within the double pane window glass during the winter months. This warms up the double-pane window but does not transfer out either side. Since double pane windows are airtight, warm air is trapped inside. This means that double-pane windows will keep your home warm while saving you money on heating bills.

What is a Double Pane Window?

Double pane windows are made up of two panes of glass sealed with a transparent gas such as argon or krypton between them. Because the panes of glass are designed to fit precisely in the window frame, less gas is needed, providing a more energy-efficient window overall.

The two panes also provide an extra layer of protection and insulation for your home to keep your house warm in cold weather and cool in hot weather. This is why double pane windows are often rated to be more efficient and provide better insulation, they are often used in homes where the climates can change drastically.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Double Pane Window

The average cost of a double pane window runs from $300 to $850 per replacement, though an expensive custom window can be as much as $900.

Double pane windows cost varies depending on the size of the window, thickness of the glass, and other factors.

Here are a few of them that affects the cost of a double-pane window:

  • Size
    The double pane window costs vary depending on the size and type of double-pane window being replaced. Typically, double-pane replacement windows are cheaper than other double panes, such as custom double pane picture windows costing anywhere from twice to five times as much.
  • Area
    Smaller areas have lower costs per unit, whereas larger units will have higher costs per unit. For example, a window with dimensions 12 x 16 has an area of 192 square inches. If it were 10×15 instead, its area would be 150 square inches.
  • View of Glass and Frame
    View of Glass and Frame types can affect the cost of double pane windows. For example, buying a unit with multiple views may increase its cost since you are expanding energy use due to more panes needed. Types include clear vinyl, wood-clad or exterior grade, aluminum clad, vinyl clad, double strength units.
  • Glass Type
    Types of glass can also change the cost of your window. There are three different types to choose from: tempered, laminated, or heat strengthened.Tempered is the most common type and what you will likely purchase if you buy a double-pane unit. Laminated units generally cost more as they decrease the chance of shattering, and it also offers a safety feature. Heat-strengthened windows are not as standard as tempered, but they cost less to produce.
  • Glass Design
    The appearance of your glass can affect its price. There are three different designs: glazed or flat, textured or rough, and sand-blasted or mirrored.Glazed is the least expensive, and it is what you will likely be buying if you choose a double-pane window. Textured glass is not as common, but it has fingerprint resistance and improved looks, and it costs more than glazed but less than sand-blasted. Sand-blasting uses minute sand particles to sandblast the glass. Again, it costs more than glazed but less than textured.
  • Frame Type
    The frame type of your double-pane windows may be a factor in its cost since most are made out of aluminum with an E-coating or vinyl, which is less expensive than aluminum. Vinyl windows can also be designed to look like wood, which is more costly than vinyl.
  • Glass Manufacturer
    The type of glass used in your windows will determine the cost of your double pane window. For example, if you want a specific product or feature, such as tempered or an Argon gas fill, it will be more expensive than using laminated glass since this is the more common glass type used in double-pane units.In One Day Glass, we customize glass based on your requirements and preferences. We have all types of glass, so whatever type you prefer, we can provide it for your double pane windows.
  • Hardware
    The hardware needed for your window may change its price, depending on whether or not you are purchasing it with the unit or not.
  • Extras
    Extra features that come with your purchase can also increase costs, such as a low-E coating, an insect screen, tinting, and triple panes.
  • Add-ons
    Double pane windows can be modified to increase their cost: in different sizes, types (clear vinyl for all exterior uses), colors, and shapes (round and oval).

Types of Double Pane Windows

There are three types of double pane windows: dual glazed, thermal insulated glass (TIG), and gas-filled. All double pane windows are double-paned, but they may be double glazed, double insulated glass, or double filled with other gas or substance to achieve specific desired effects.

  • Dual-glazing
    Dual-glazing is the oldest type of double-pane window, consisting of two pieces of glass glued together with a special durable glaze between them. The double glazing is usually filled with argon, krypton, or xenon gas to improve insulation capabilities. As a result, they provide the best thermal insulation and soundproofing qualities of double pane windows types.
  • Thermal-insulated glass
    Thermal-insulated glass double pane windows are similar to dual-glazed double pane windows, but instead of double-glazed panes, they are filled with a vacuum between two or more pieces of glass. Since heat transfers through solids by conduction and gases by convection, TIG double pane windows are less efficient than dual glazing at providing sound insulation.
  • Gas-filled double pane windows
    Gas-filled double pane windows are the most efficient double glazing units, as they trap a layer of gas between the double panes to provide better insulation. The double glazing unit filled with gas is much more effective than TIG double pane windows at providing window insulation. Sometimes, double-paned glass is also filled with air for aesthetic purposes.


There are many reasons to choose double pane windows. They are more durable and energy-efficient than single-pane models. They last longer and will give you a better return on investment over time, but the best reason to purchase them is how quieter it makes your home or office space. If you are worried about double pane windows cost and can’t afford all new windows at once, consider purchasing one window for now as an experiment.

Double pane windows are available in One Day Glass. So, if you are thinking of getting one as a replacement for your window, contact us today at (800) 452-6117 or order online and get a free quotation.

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