Understanding The Cost Of Replacing Double Glazed Window Glass

If you’re reading this article, chances are you’re in great need of a replacement for window glass. Specifically, you want to get double-glazed windows, isn’t that right? In this article, you will understand the cost of replacing double-glazed windows glass. And, if you need them or not. So read on! 


Typical Cost Of Replacing Double-Glazed Window Glass 

If you need replacement double-glazed windows, expect to pay around $300 on the low end. Prices vary from place to place, dealer to dealer, which is why this is a rough estimate. The price of window installation alone fluctuates due to various factors, like the quality of the glass and how much manpower is needed to install it. 


The final cost also depends on which type of double-glazed window you’d like. Do you want casement windows? Double Hung Windows? Awning style windows? Sliding windows? Bay windows? These different types carry various price tags with them. Bay windows are often the most expensive, at around $1400 minimum, and that’s not even factoring the cost of the double-pane glass. 

Is Your Home In Need Of A Window Upgrade? 

Lots of things can be done to improve your home. When it comes to aesthetics, you have options. For example, painting the walls or tiling up the floors. But when it comes to windows, they can give you an upgrade unlike any other. 


On the aesthetic side, windows can serve as a major update on your home’s looks. It can add to the home’s curb value-that is its overall visual appeal to someone who comes off the curb. This would work well if you plan to sell your home in the future. Did you know that the more appealing it is on the outside, the more the value appreciates? That’s one fact about real estate.


But it’s not all about the exterior. New windows can also add up to the structural integrity of the home. See, windows are technically weak spots in every house. It’s where the wall isn’t solid wood or concrete,  and it is only glass. When considering this, this is where the benefits of double-glazed glass come in. 


Double Glazed Glass Windows And Their Perks

If you already have double-glazed glass windows, you have the best of the best. The perks of having such windows installed are evident. 


  • Double-glazed glass means heating and cooling efficiency. Because there are two layers of glass, heat won’t escape much in the winter, and the house will stay cool in the summer. The result is a lower electricity bill from all the power you save! 
  • Your home is much safer with double-glazed glass. Not only because of the two sheets, but also because the windows are sealed tighter than regular ones. They’re harder to break and therefore don’t give people much time to break in before they’re caught. 
  • There’s less noise coming through double-glazed windows too. This would do well if you plan to convert a room into a recording studio. Or make the children’s rooms quieter so they can sleep better. 



If your home has basic single-pane glass windows, maybe you should consider an upgrade. Double-glazed windows offer a lot of benefits in both functionality and aesthetics. Sure, the cost might seem a bit steep even on the low-end, but the long-term pros outweigh all the cons. You can get in touch with the pros at OneDayGlass.com for all your double-glazed glass needs! 


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