Double Hung Windows Pros and Cons

Are you considering double hung windows for your home? Before you call your contractor to renovate your home, it would be better to weigh this window style’s pros and cons. Doing so allows you to decide whether it is the best choice for your home. It is also recommended to know the cost of double hung windows to ensure that it fits your budget and style.

Double Hung Window Pros

To help you come up with a better decision when choosing the best window styles, let’s start with double hung window benefits:

  1. Achieve energy efficiency.You may choose energy-efficient glass for hung windows. Doing so helps you become more eco-friendly while reducing energy costs. What many people like about double hung windows is their double locking mechanism. This feature makes the windows more tightly sealed.
  2. Create better ventilation.Creating a well-ventilated house is crucial to avoid any health problems. With a hung window, more air and natural light can come inside. You can either move the top sash down or move the bottom sash up to allow fresh air inside. This window style is an excellent choice if you are planning to install an air conditioning unit.
  3. Clean windows easily.A hung window is easy to clean. Tilt the sashes towards you to wipe them down on either side. Meaning, you don’t have to go back and forth to clean the windows. You’ll find this feature extremely beneficial when you are on a second or third story since you don’t have to use a ladder to clean the outside glass.

Double Hung Window Cons

Despite the benefits that double hung windows provide, they may have features that you could not like, and here are some of them:

  1. Double hung windows can be costly.

    The cost of double hung windows depends on several factors, such as the type of glass materials to be used. Not only that, but the prices may also be based on the installation’s quality. Double-hung windows are more expensive than single-hung windows, but they are more affordable than other types of windows.

  2. Double hung windows need regular maintenance.

    Hung windows require regular cleaning and maintenance. You need to clean and dust them to ensure that they stay in shape. Besides, you need to lubricate the locks and pulley mechanisms to avoid rust. For a better option, you may use vinyl and fiberglass. You may also use other types of glass if you want your windows to be customized.

Are double-hung windows the perfect choice for window style? The answer depends on your preferred design, functionality, and cost. This window style has its pros and cons. You need to weigh down the benefits and disadvantages to make a better decision. If you are considering double-hung windows, remember that they are more expensive than a single-hung window. But when it comes to energy efficiency and ventilation, double hung windows are highly recommended.

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