A Step By Step Guide On How To Replace Window Glass

Here are the tips on how to replace window glass,  Broken windows are a pain in the neck. It doesn’t matter how they got smashed, but one thing is for certain: it needs replacement one way or another. And while replacing a broken window might sound hard, it really isn’t. All you need to have is a good set of tools, some basic knowledge, and patience.

Tools Needed

Before you do everything else, make sure you have the right tools! So here are the things you will need:

  • Tape measure
  • Paint scraper/metal brush
  • Putty knife
  • Putty
  • Heavy duty work gloves
  • Goggles
  • Heat gun

Now that’s out of the way, Here’s how to replace window glass, step by step.

Step 1: Remove The Broken Glass

Learning how to replace window glass without the right tools is like going to battle empty handed. So, safety first! Make sure to put on a pair of thick gloves and some goggles! You need to protect your hands from being cut, as well as your eyes from tiny shards that might get in.

Remember to be careful when pulling out the broken glass from the window frame. Some of them will come off easy, others won’t. You can also use a tool like a pair of pliers to pry off smaller pieces from the frame. Also, some of these pieces will be stuck to the glazing. You can use a heat gun to get them off.

Step 2: Clean The Frame

After every piece of glass is taken out, it’s time for some cleaning. You need to do this because the window frame must be ready for new glazing! If you forget to clean it beforehand, the replacement pane won’t last long.

You can use something like a small brush to clean off any residue of the old glazing on the frame. But make sure the brush is tough, so go for a metal one! For older window frames, use a bit of linseed oil with the brush to “condition” the window frame. Since most window frames are wood, this would work like a charm.

Step 3: Measure How Much Glass You Need

Next, take the tape measure and measure how much glass you’ll need for the replacement pane. Remember to be as accurate as possible with your measurements so you won’t run into much hassle! Also, remember to leave a tiny bit of headroom to make sure that the glass will fit snugly into the frame. Say, the entire measurement should be a fraction of an inch smaller than the frame itself. That way, you’ll have some wiggle room for the caulking.

When you order the glass, it would be wise to go to the store personally. That way, you will be sure that the pane is cut to your specifications. Also, a personal visit will allow you to get other important trinkets. Case in point, push points. These little triangles will help hold the pane securely into the frame so it won’t fall.

Or if for some reason you can’t measure the window frame, take it out and bring it to the glass shop instead. That way, the glaziers will have an actual frame of reference to help them make their cuts.

Step 4: Apply Putty To The Frame

The putty will help seal the window and your home from the outside world. So take a good amount, then roll it into a strip. Put it along the areas of the frame where the glass will rest, then press firmly in place with the putty knife. There should be a thin bed of putty for the glass to rest on. And pro tip: before putting the glass on the frame for good, make sure that all edges of it rest perfectly on the putty. Make sure there are no spaces between the putty and the glass!

Remember to smooth out the edges of the putty with the putty knife. You can use your fingers too.

Step 5: Install The Glass And Put Sealant

Every glass window pane you order will have a vinyl stop on the edges. Remove it first before installing the glass into the frame. After you’ve placed the glass, ensure that it lies perfectly on the putty. Then, put some sealant around the glass to seal it off. And for the final step, put the vinyl stop back to secure it in place. Let the sealant set, and voila! That’s how to replace window glass!

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