When To Repair Your Window Glass

Imagine looking outside from your perfectly-installed window glass Repair Cost, and suddenly your beautiful view was interrupted by a sight of a small crack. 

Windows secure your house from the dangers outside, takes care of ventilation, boost your home’s aesthetics and bring outdoor lighting in. Glasses on windows were made to be durable to sustain all these functions. But even a small crack can do a lot of damage if not repaired or replaced at once.


Should I Repair or Replace my Window Glass?


You should repair your cracked window glass once damages were seen. An unrepaired window glass is an accident just waiting to happen, especially when big cracks have formed. 

Don’t wait until it gets worse. Anything can trigger it– your child playfully tapping into it, or a clumsy pet crashes into the cracks, or any form of light or hard pressure pressing against it. We all know that won’t be a very beautiful scenario.


If you’re moving into an old home and windows might still be intact, you have to assess it further if it needs replacement. Check if the windows are installed with safety glass by examining the glass properly.

The best way to tell that is if you see a manufacturer logo etched somewhere in it. If the logo isn’t there, then your windows are not paned with safety glass, which means it can be very dangerous to you once it accidentally breaks. 

Old, annealed glass once broken, shatters into jagged shards with sharp edges. If your windows were installed with safety glass, broken pieces would just collapse into cubes which is a much safer option. It’s best to replace it with safety glass to avoid future accidents.

Ask an expert

Seasons can also be a testing ground for your windows. Assess your windows if there are leaks when it rains, if it’s hard to insulate your house during winter, or if fog forms from either side of the glass. Condensation can destroy most of your home’s woodwork, and windows are mostly the culprit.

If your house is in any of these conditions, it’s best to ask an expert to know if you can repair it or if it needs to be replaced once and for all. 

Repairing Your Window Glass

When repairing is a much better option for now, check out your glass windows and get your assessments right. Minor cracks might be repaired and can hold up for longer periods if repairs are done right.

These window glass repair hacks can also help.

  • Once you see a small crack, pick up a glass cutter and draw a small arc with it just beyond the end (or both ends) of the cracks. Curve around it to seal the crack in to let it travel only as far as the arc. This effectively prevents minor cracks from spreading.
  • If you’re working with a hole as small as a pellet gun bullet, it can be repaired with a nail polish or shellac. Dab it into the hole, and let try. Keep dabbing it and letting it dry until the small hole is fully covered. 
  • Making bathroom windows opaque if you don’t want curtains involved, does not necessarily need the whole glass to be replaced. You just need to simply brush a mixture of Epsom salt and ½ pints of stale beer into the window glass, and voila! 

How Much is a Window Glass Repair?

It might cost you around $200 to $500 for minor window glass repairs. However, a more detailed restoration for your glass windows can cost up to $2000. 

Replacements can happen in between $175 to $700 for a single window. If you got high-end windows to be replaced, it may cost a little more at about $800 to $1200.

Then again, this all boils down to who will repair or replace your glass windows. Costs or repairs and replacements are pretty hefty and if the work is not professionally done, you’ll be wasting a lot of money.

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