Why Add Glass Fireplace Doors to Your Open Hearth Fireplace?

Many fireplaces are open hearth and use free standing screens instead of glass fireplace doors. What typically happens is that on cold winter nights a damper left open. This will cause the entire house to be freezing the next morning. The night before the roaring fire provided a toasty warm room atmosphere.

Most people won’t close the damper until the fire is out or the damper you have does not seal well. The answer is to install glass fireplace doors.

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Benefits of Glass Fireplace Doors

Save on Utility Bills: A damper left open is very much like leaving a window open allowing the cold night air to pour in. Glass fireplace doors offer a seal even when the damper is left open while a fire is burning out.

Improve Home Safety: Glass fireplace doors offer a barrier preventing stray sparks from starting a dangerous fire. Doors can be used in the open position to transmit more heat while you are there. They can be shut when you want to keep out stray sparks or to keep young children from getting too close.

Cleanliness: Glass doors prevent stray drafts from spreading fine fireplace ash around your room. They can also help keep the smoky smell out of your living environment.

Beauty and Style: Glass fireplace doors with decorator metal frames or stylish frameless doors can add elegant beauty to your living space. Fireplace doors can help hide blackened partially burnt logs and piles of ash.

What kind of glass is suitable for fireplaces? Tempered glass is used for most fireplace applications and can tolerate temperatures up to 400-500 degrees Fahrenheit. Wood stoves on the other hand burn hotter and use ceramic glass for their doors which can tolerate temperatures over 1200 degrees Fahrenheit.

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