Glass Fireplace Screens: Everything You Need to Know

The first fireplaces provided the much-needed warmth and heat for necessities like cooking. From dug-out pits to chimneys to the first type of fireplace, fireplaces have come a long way from being a means of survival. Now, their lasting effect is rather psychological than physical, providing a sense of comfort for the family.

However, early fireplaces did not satisfy the needs of the people gathered around them. Sometimes it was too hot, other times there was little to no fire at all. In some cases, fireplaces have caused a lot of accidental burnings in houses. As a result, they have been improved for more safety and efficiency. This is why tools like glass fireplace screens are created.

What are fireplace screens and why are they essential?

Open fireplaces at home may be a great addition to the overall interior design of the living room, still, an open fire may pose a threat to a place where there are so many flammable items like rugs or carpets or any furniture pieces.

modern glass fireplace screen
Glass fireplace screens are not just built for design, they’re also built to prevent embers from entering the room, which may cause a fire when unnoticed. They also serve as a barrier between your children or pets and the fire. Compared to mesh screens, glass screens offer more protection from open hearth units.

Here are more reasons to incorporate glass screens into your fireplace:

Cleaner Air Indoors

Modern fireplaces heat faster than traditional ones, which might easily pollute your space with smoke or fumes. Glass screens guarantee that your indoor air remains clean while you enjoy the open fire.

Improved Heating

Enclosing your fireplace with a glass screen will help with its burning performance. Firewood will be able to burn better and generate more heat in your space. With consistent burning, useful heat doesn’t just fly up the chimney because the heat is maintained.

More Comfort, Less Cleaning

Save time from having to vacuum the little elements that come out of the fireplace like wood chips or cinder, and prevent smudges from ash that float off to your living room surfaces.

Energy Efficiency

Yes, you read it right. Having glass fireplace screens can help you conserve energy. Think of fireplaces as opened windows, with the window opened during summer, for instance, you’re letting away the breeze coming out of your air conditioning unit. When that happens, you’ll want to keep the unit on for a long time because you’re not getting the expected breeze, eating up too much energy while you do it.

With a glass fireplace screen, you’re containing the cool wind indoors, and there won’t be a need to keep your heating or cooling appliance on for longer than it should.

Aesthetics and Design

Glass screens are essential for keeping your family and your home safe from the potential dangers of fireplaces. However, they don’t have to feel like something that pops out awkwardly in your living room.

Fireplaces have that romantic and comfortable feel to a room, adding glass screens like the beveled-type glass fireplace screen will truly heighten that intimate feeling of calmly starting in the open fire. Beveled-type glass screens are a modern rendition of art deco style that features glass panels with reflective beveling. This type of screen allows you to transform your ordinary fireplace into a dazzling show of dancing flames. Even minor flickers from the fire are highly illuminated by the beveled glass, providing a stunning light display.

Before Buying your Fireplace Glass Screen

The majority of fireplace screens are available in various forms, but so are fireplaces in general. Before buying a glass screen, look for the right one that will fit your living room aesthetic. There are many shapes and sizes, and styles to choose from like contemporary or antique.

Measuring your fireplace is also essential before buying your glass screen. This is to help your glass screen function better, and it’s another way to know whether you’ll buy a screen that’s available in the market or if you’ll have it customized.

Glass Fireplace Screens by One Day Glass

One Day Glass can create your ideal glass fireplace screen based on your exact requirements. We offer tempered glass, which can withstand heat of up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, and other creative glass products.

Here at One Day Glass, we can make and dispatch your orders within 24 hours! Contact us to learn more about our glass screens and more!

As a part of The Peninsula Glass Company, One Day Glass has been in operation for more than 30 years. Our talented technical team is dedicated to providing our customers with distinctive and cost-effective window and glass solutions. We have been providing exceptional service throughout the United States and around the world.


Modern glass fireplace screens are excellent additions for efficiency; for your interior design; and most importantly, for safety. However, fireplace safety should not just begin and end there. One thing you can also do is take good care of your chimney, making sure that it does the simple job of letting the smoke out from the fireplace. You might think that it’s unnecessary, but you’ll be surprised at how inconvenient a clogged chimney truly is.

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