Using Heat-Resistant Glass for Fire Safety

Heat-resistant glasses are now getting more popular among individuals. It’s able to provide safety in times of a dangerous situation. But how and when can it be useful?

Fire Safety

Fire safety should be a priority for any building whether residential or industrial. Once a fire breaks out, lives aren’t the only ones compromised. Your investment will be gone in just a few minutes too.

Heat-resistant glass can help protect you during this time. As the name suggests, heat-resistant glasses insulate heat from a fire. These won’t shatter as soon as the temperature rises.

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Therefore, it can contain fire and smoke in an area. During this time, you’re able to escape or find help to control the fire. The area of damage will be significantly less compared to when the fire spreads.

That said, fire glass has become a part of fire safety in many states and nations. It’s essential to use fire-rated glass for windows and doors.

How Long Can Heat-Resistant Glass Contain Fire?

Fire-rated glasses are tested rigorously to ensure they can keep fire out. The shortest time period is 30 minutes. Better-graded fire glasses are able to last longer which gives you more time to evacuate.

Larger buildings should have better integrity fire-rated glass for better protection. Evacuation in these areas takes longer. So, the longer the glass can hold fire, the more chances everyone will escape uninjured.

Heat-resistant glass is versatile, so you can turn it into a glass or window.

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