Things to Know before Getting Commercial Window Replacement

Commercial window replacement can be a great way to get the most out of your building materials. In addition, new windows for commercial buildings can reduce energy consumption, save on maintenance costs, and make your business more attractive to customers.

However, it’s crucial you know what types of commercial windows best suit your needs before you start shopping around for prices.

What is a Commercial Window?

A commercial window is a window that is a part of a commercial building, like an office or retail store. Commercial windows are usually large and designed to be seen by many people. While most commercial windows are made out of glass, some are made with other materials like metal or vinyl.

A new commercial window can last for years if properly taken care of. However, if neglected, a commercial window can be susceptible to the elements and break easily.

Different Types of Commercial Windows

When managing a commercial space, it can be challenging to keep on top of all the different aspects of making it more profitable. You have to make sure that your business attracts customers and clients, so marketing campaigns are centered around reachability and convenience.

Every entrance should have an aesthetically pleasing window as part of this convenience. These windows should look good, be functional to the building, and work in ways that benefit all patrons.

If you are considering commercial window replacement, you need first to know and understand the types of commercial windows.

Fixed Pane

One type of commercial window you have to choose from is a fixed pane. This type is a solid unit that doesn’t open or shut, and it’s great for ventilation because it can provide airflow while maintaining security.

Venting window

Another option is the venting window, which includes sashes that crank out from the bottom and lock in place at the top. These windows let fresh air in and provide ventilation while maintaining security, but they generally cost more than fixed units.

Insulated Glass Windows

Consider a window with insulated glass if you’re looking for something that can block out heat and cold but still allow light. This window has two or more pieces of glass separated by an insulating gas, which helps keep the temperature consistent.

Single-panes and Dual Panes

You’ll also want to choose between single-pane and dual-pane glass windows.

Single pane windows only have one layer of glass for insulation, while dual pane windows include two layers of insulated glass. This means that if you live in especially cold or hot weather areas, you may prefer a dual-pane window to make sure your commercial building is as comfortable as possible.

Low-E glass

Your final option is an insulated window with Low-E glass, which stands for low emissivity. This type of glass blocks harmful UV rays while still allowing natural light inside and saving electricity costs. Low-E windows can result in up to 40% lower energy consumption for commercial buildings.

Benefits of Commercial Window Replacement

New windows for your business can bring several benefits to your establishment and help you start running more efficiently. These include:

  • Longer life span
    Glass windows over ten years old can lose their strength and deteriorate, which means that there is a higher possibility that they will crack or break. New windows can help you avoid costly repairs and ensure your building is structurally sound for a long time to come.
  • Energy savings
    Commercial windows with Low-E glass can help reduce your energy costs by up to 40%. This means that the extra money you invest in new windows will pay for itself over time due to lower utility costs.
  • Appearance
    New windows can help attract customers and make your building more aesthetically pleasing. In addition, it can increase foot traffic and make your business building stand out from the competition. This is beneficial if you have a retail store or are located in an area with high foot traffic.
  • Comfort
    New windows can provide better ventilation in commercial buildings, which means that your employees and customers will be more comfortable when they’re inside. It can also help reduce humidity in a commercial building, preventing damage to your property over time.

When do you need a commercial window replacement?

To make sure that your commercial windows work properly and improve the overall function of the building, you should consider a window replacement when there are any of these signs:

  • Cracked glass
  • Sticky or hard-to-open panes
  • Visible condensation between panes
  • Sealant around the frame is worn
  • The window appears foggy compared to surrounding windows
  • Water leaks through frame or sills when it rains

You must have a professional commercial window replacement team to assess the problem when these signs are present. It’s essential to contact them before anything gets worse and all of your windows fail simultaneously.

Even if one of your panes is damaged, you should have it replaced before the problem spreads to other windows. If not fixed soon enough, the windows could become irreparable, and you would have to replace all of your panes at once.

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When investing in new windows for your business, make sure you know the type of window you need before shopping for prices.

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