The Use Of Tempered Glass In Architecture

Homes with an abundance of glass features have become popular in recent decades, owing in part to the popularity of minimalist and industrial design aesthetics. Tempered glass can be used in so many parts of the house, including the walls, stairs, doors, windows, and more.

Here are just some of the many uses of tempered glass in architecture:

Glass doors

Sliding doors, balcony doors, fixed doors, double doors, shower doors, and other types of doors can be made with tempered glass. Frosted or patterned tempered glass can be used in areas where some level of privacy is needed, such as in the shower or in the sauna.


Tempered glass is the go-to material for windows. This type of glass is strong, durable, and protects against theft because it does not easily break. It also offers the utmost clarity and transparency, which means your view of the outdoors won’t be clouded.


Glass walls and facades are visually striking and sought-after architectural features. Tempered glass ensures that natural light enters your space but that the facade or wall of windows does not break with harsh winds or impact.


Because tempered glass is so durable and heat-resistant, it’s suitable for use in skylights. It will not break easily if a branch or some other debris fall onto it. If it does, the glass will shatter into relatively harmless smaller grains instead of large jagged pieces that can injure someone.


Glass stairways are a beautiful and modern architectural tempered glass. Handrails and balustrades can be made from tempered glass.


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