10 Common Tempered Glass Uses

You’ve probably noticed how so much of the stuff you see around you is made of glass. And it’s not just any glass, but a safer and stronger kind called tempered glass.

Uses of Tempered Glass

These are just some of the many uses of tempered glass:

Mobile device

Your laptop screen and smartphone display are all made of tempered glass. So are the heavy-duty screen protectors you use to keep your phone and tablet screens scratch-free.

Kitchen appliances

Tempered glass is used in ovens, stoves, and other kitchen appliances that deal with great amounts of heat.

Automotive parts

Tempered glass makes vehicle windows safer. Instead of creating large shards when they break, tempered glass windows disintegrate into small, harmless pieces.

Construction uses

Tempered glass is used in numerous ways in the construction of a house. Shower doors, bathtub enclosures, sliding doors, windows, skylights, glass facades, elevators, swimming pools, and glass balcony doors can all be made of tempered glass.

Sports arena

The glass panels around a hockey rink and in some sports arenas are made of tempered glass.

Office partitions

The room dividers in your office building are made of tempered glass so that they won’t cause injury when an employee bumps into and accidentally break them.

Retail store fixtures

The display cases and tables in retail stores are made of tempered glass because they’re tough enough that they won’t break when someone tries to steal something. Yet they’re also crystal clear, which allows customers to see what’s on display.


The glass railings in department stores, offices, and commercial and public spaces are made of tempered glass for the public’s safety.

Countertops and tabletops

Because they withstand heat and resist scratches so well, tempered glass is often used to make conference tables, kitchen countertops, reception desks, coffee tables, and other types of furniture.

Solar panels

The thermal strength, heat resistance, and durability of tempered glass make it the ideal material for solar panels.

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