Sliding Screen Door Replacement Guide for Homeowners

There are different types of doors that you can install in your home, and each of them serves a purpose. Aside from connecting two rooms, a door is an essential fixture that can upgrade or downgrade the appearance of your home. If you want to keep your house aesthetically appealing, you need to ensure that your door is properly working and free from scratches and breaks. Suppose it is broken; you need to learn how to do a sliding screen door replacement if there is no one to do it but yourself.

How to Do Sliding Screen Door Replacement?

A sliding patio door is one of the best doors to connect your home’s interior to the outdoors. It is characterized by having two large glass panels in which the first one is fixed while the other one is sliding. Sliding screen doors help fill the room with sunlight and improve your home’s ventilation. No wonder sliding screen doors are a popular choice among homeowners. Like any other door type, sliding screen doors can also get damaged. You may call a professional door contractor to install new doors or follow the sliding screen door replacement guide.

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Step by Step Guide

  1. Check the sliding screen door and see what needs to be replaced. Do you need new window glasses or just new screens? What about the wheels? Are they cracked, badly worn, or not spinning?
  2. Buy the replacements and make sure that they are compatible with the door frame. For instance, buy high-quality glasses which are the same as the old ones. You may also consider other glass types, but fiberglass is highly recommended. If the screen is damaged, you also need to replace it. Don’t forget to purchase a new spline having the same diameter as the old one.
  3. Prepare the tools for the screen door replacement. One of the best things about hiring a door contractor is that they have the door replacement tools. But suppose you’ve got no choice but to do the sliding screen door replacement, you need to have the necessary tools for the task, such as a spline tool.
  4. Remove the old screen. You need to lift the sliding screen, supported by rollers. Pull the bottom out and lower the door. Do this until it clears the frame’s top edge.
  5. Take off the handle by removing the screen door first. Once done, lay it across a large table or a couple of sawhorses. You may now unscrew and remove the handle from the screen door.
  6. Remove the wheels if needed for the patio screen door replacement. Pry the old wheels out from the edge of the door with a slotted screwdriver.
  7. Keep the old spline out. You may use a narrow slotted screwdriver to pry the old spline out of the spline grooves in the screen door.
  8. Install the new screen and wheels. Once you’re done with all the steps, you can now add the replacements and enjoy a new sliding screen door.

Doing a sliding screen door replacement seems challenging at first, but once you familiarize yourself with the steps above, you’ll find it fun and exciting. Doing the replacement by yourself allows you to learn new things which you can find beneficial at home. You can ask for someone’s assistance if you need help with the screen door replacement. Or, you may also hire professional door contractors to get the job perfectly done.

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