Sliding Glass Door Repair DIY Tips

Is your sliding glass door not working correctly? No need to worry because you can learn some tips on how to do simple sliding glass door repair. With the following tips, you can make your sliding glass door good as new again!

How to Repair Sliding Glass Door?…

Even if your sliding glass doors are correctly installed, there are instances when they don’t work like they used to be. Sometimes, the doors get sticky and hard to open, especially when they are out of adjustment. Here are some friendly DIY tips for sliding glass door repair:

…If a door is difficult to slide

Dirty tracks could be one of the reasons why your sliding glass door is not running smoothly. If so, make sure to clean the track from time to time. Doing so helps the sliding glass door in excellent condition. Here’s how you can clean the track and rollers:

  1. Remove the door from the track. Use a screwdriver to retract the rollers and flush the door with the track. After that, remove the doorstop at the top of the frame. These two steps will make it easier to get rid of the door from the track.
  2. Check the rollers and replace them if they are damaged. You can use a screwdriver to pull the rollers out. If they are not broken, clean them with denatured alcohol. Consider re-oiling them using silicone spray to repel dirt. After cleaning, reinstall the rollers.
  3. Before reinstalling the sliding glass door, make sure to clean the tracks. Use denatured alcohol and silicone spray to wipe the top track. For the bottom track, you may use a vacuum to get rid of unwanted debris. It is also recommended to use paraffin wax to lubricate it.

…If the sliding glass door is not correctly aligned

You’ll find it easy to repair alignment problems. You only have to remove the door from the track and reinsert it to realign it from the track. Just make sure that the rollers at the top are aligned first. Then, insert the door into place and push the top of the screen door into the track.

…If there are broken latches

You have to replace broken latches, mostly if oiling doesn’t work. Try to remove the lock and take it with you when going to the hardware store. Buy similar latches or something compatible with the old ones. Install the new latches according to the directions on the lock you’ve purchased.

…If there are cracked or broken glass doors

You need to replace the broken glass door immediately to avoid accidents. Even if you only see some cracks, those cracks make the glass more susceptible to being shattered, or over time heat and too cold of temperatures could lead to the shattering of glass. Measure the glass door and buy the replacement as soon as you can. If your door has a standard size, you may look for similar measurements, but you can also order custom glass online.

Sliding glass doors are more than fixtures in your home. Aside from improving your home’s aesthetics, they can also provide more natural light, making sliding glass doors an integral design for any home. If you think they are not working correctly, you need to do a sliding glass door repair. You can use this guide to help repair the doors, or, if you don’t feel comfortable doing it yourself, you can have a professional help you if you don’t know how to repair sliding glass door.

If you think you need help when repairing the sliding glass door, don’t hesitate to contact the experts. Make sure you have the phone numbers of the local services for sliding glass door repair. Some services offer the materials needed for the replacement, but if you need to provide them, such as glass doors, you can order glass online for smooth transactions.

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