What is NeoCeram Glass®?

NeoCeram Glass® is actually not glass at all, but is a heat resistant transparent ceramic that is used in high heat applications such as in wood stove glass, wood pellet stoves, coal burning applications, electric heaters, space heaters and high heat fireplaces where the heat source is close to the glass.

NeoCeram Glass® is a brand of ceramic glass manufactured by Nippon Electric Glass Co., Ltd. It is produced and sold in 3/16” thickness sheets and can be cut into shapes and sizes for most any flat glass application that needs resistance to thermal shock, continuous high heat resistance and resistance to mechanical impact. More information on brands of ceramic glass.

Resists Thermal Shock: NeoCeram works exceptionally well in uses where temperatures vary from hot to cold because it has almost zero thermal expansion. If you were to put ice on hot standard glass, it would most likely break. NeoCeram can handle such a temperature change and would not break. Thermal shock rated to 1472 degrees Fahrenheit for limited time exposure.

High Temperatures: NeoCeram Glass® can withstand constant temperatures up to 1292 degrees Fahrenheit. Compare this to standard tempered glass that can only tolerate continuous heat temperatures of up to 482 degrees Fahrenheit. NeoCeram has nearly 3 times the heat resistance of tempered glass.

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High mechanical strength: NeoCeram is durable, resistant to impact and resistant to bending at even high temperatures.

NeoCeram Glass® is ideal for use in wood stove glass applications where high temperature cycles are typical. It works well for high temperature exposure without the fear of destruction.

One Day Glass has the ability to make custom sized pieces of NeoCeram, to ensure it fits in any hearth, and preventing the frustration of trying to replace it. NeoCeram is available in 3/16 inch thickness (5mm) and a transparent-amber tint. More information on woodstove glass

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