Ideal Use of Ceramic Glass

Ceramic glass came to be when two types of materials were joined together but formed a certain product that was entirely on a different class. This ceramic glass material has the same chemical as a glass. They contain one or more crystalline and glass phases. However, this type of material is no longer transparent.

In general, a ceramic glass has the technical properties that you would find in a glass but with the performance of a ceramic.

Properties of Ceramic Glass

The following are the most distinct properties of ceramic glass and why they can become good household equipment and furniture:

  • Thermal shock resistant
  • Has higher impact resistance
  • Higher strength
  • Can range from a translucent material to highly opaque

What is Ceramic Glass Used For?

Ceramic glass has a wide range of purpose as it can be used in the kitchen and even in space. For kitchens, we often see this material as a cooktop or stove top. As this type of material has a high thermal shock resistance, it’s no wonder it is used for cooking.

You can also see electric stoves made from ceramic glass. It enables the material the handle the highest heat possible to cook food but without breaking apart or melting.

Some of these ceramic glass materials are also made as grills and furnace.


There aren’t as many ceramic glass furniture now, but it would be no wonder if there comes a time that these material are used more for household appliance creations, especially with its durability and strength. Also, these ceramic glass appliance often look aesthetically pleasing, too.


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