How To Determine When To Replace Your Tempered Glass

Why do people use tempered glass for their glass tables? It’s because this type of glass helps in protecting your tabletop and also helps it last longer. It can be tough to take care of glass, but this is where glass protection matters. Having extra glass protection helps shield your table from falls, accidents, and cracking. Glass protectors are a good investment and will last long with proper care.

Broken glass isn’t only problematic, but it’s also expensive.

You need to take extra precautions and add tempered glass on your glass tabletop. Even though glass protection helps keep your tabletop safe, they still need replacement. Consider replacement of your glass protector when they start to wear and tear.

This type of glass protection is from toughened glass. It is four times stronger than ordinary or even annealed glass. This is why it will take a certain amount of wear and tear to break them down. The glass has excellent longevity and makes the tabletop more secure without changing how it looks.

Once you find cracks on the glass protector, it means that it has exhausted its level of toughness. There’s no point in keeping a cracked glass protector as it will do more harm to your glass tabletop than good. Mark this as a huge red flag that you have to let go and move on to new glass protection.

When to replace your tempered glass

No matter how tiny the cracks are it’s a go-signal to replace it and get a new tempered glass. When replacing the glass protector, look for varieties. You can find options such as glass tabletop protection for indoor and outdoor use.

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