Stop Fighting Hard Water Stains With EnduroShield Coating For Your Shower Glass Panels?

When we talk about bathroom decors, everyone can agree that glass panels always up the ante of any shower design–and for good reason.

Shower glass panels never fail to make bathrooms look first-class. Glass makes your design look posh and elegant the way you always wanted in your bathroom. But like any other luxuries, it goes with a lot of cleaning and maintenance work that you must be prepared for.

Luckily, a whole glass treatment has come to ease that out. EnduroShield is a glass treatment designed to make you worry less about glass maintenance. 

What are the benefits of having an EnduroShield glass treatment for your shower glass doors and panels? 

An invisible protection

Glass makes any room seem bigger than it actually is. For cramped spaces like the bathroom, it’s always the go-to option. Glass in bathroom design, especially your shower area, should function as it is– clear, limpid and almost water-like. 

That’s why EnduroShield glass treatment is not just any other glass treatment. It’s made to look invisible when used on glass panels. But as it is made not visible to the naked eye, its difference can be clearly seen when compared.

These glasses may look identical, but with a bit of an experiment, you can see a big difference.

EnduroShield side

Non-stick and dirt-repellant

One thing that makes it hard to maintain glass shower panels is the grime, soap, and scum that easily stick with it.

The untreated glass becomes a nightmare once soap and other substances accumulate on its surface. Without any treatment, glass is more susceptible to irremovable stains and discoloration. 

With an EnduroShield treated glass, you can bid these hassles goodbye. It makes dirt and grime slip on the glass, which can be easily washed off with water. 

No more scrubbing

Face it, scrubbing is no easy feat. Scrubbing the tiles is a lot of work already, and your untreated shower glass seems like a no exception.

When dirt and soap stains start clinging on to the glass, scrubbing is the only way to beat that. 

Good thing EnduroShield glass treatment keeps you off of that extra task. It removes the chore of scrubbing.

Thus, this will make your glass look like new for much longer.

It’s highly durable

Glass can stand the test of time– but through the years, stains and scratches come through wear and tear.

EnduroShield is known to extend the life of your glass. EnduroShield permanently bonds itself into the surface of the glass, making itself like a part of it.

This way it never needs revitalizer products for maintenance. It cannot wear off from the glass as easily as a temporary coating. You will be needing to remove it through abrasion or use strong acids to peel it off— which we don’t think you ever will.

Say goodbye to staining

Hard water stains are the usual culprits. They can be very hard to remove while making you spend valuable time on monthly glass maintenance and upkeep. But who has the time to do that?

EnduroShield-treated glass paves the way for the next generation of showers’ glass panels. It simply makes it hard for foreign substances that can harm the glass to adhere to its surface.

Hard water stains are deposited from the water with high mineral content, and this is something you can’t control without an expensive whole home water treatment system. A more cost-effective method is having your shower glass treated EnduroShield. 

Make sure to select the EnduroShield option when purchasing your custom shower glass.

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