EnduoShield Care & Maintenance

EnduroShield makes your cleaning easier and less frequent; however it is recommended that you continue to clean the surfaces regularly.

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Maintaining the Treated Surface

For best results simply drying the glass with a squeegee or towel after each use will help keep the glass clean and reduce
mineral spots forming. The glass needs to be cleaned every few weeks using a damp microfibre cloth and a mild detergent to
break down soaps, oils, and conditioners on the glass. General glass cleaners are also suitable, however most of these are
finishing agents rather than cleaners, and are an added expense that is not required.

Hard Water Maintenance

In hard water areas, or areas where water drops dry and leave a noticeable dust mark, a build of minerals may occur on the
protective treatment. While these may not be removed as easily with the mild detergent, mild acids will often remove the
marks quickly. As needed white vinegar should be used to wipe down the glass. Keep in mind the vinegar may be diluted
with water, however dilution reduces the effectiveness.

Spray vinegar onto the glass and allow to soak for several minutes. This should dissolve any mineral deposits that have
built up on the glass surface. A damp microfibre cloth should then be used to wipe over the surface. For extreme hard water
areas we recommended using undiluted vinegar every week or so as a cleaning option to reduce this build up on the
surface, rather than allowing the build up to continue over a long period of time.

Caution: Prohibited Products

*Note these may damage the treatment and void any warranty

  • Avoid the use of any abrasives or polishes including water spot removers, toothpaste, polishes, rough, or gritty substances
  • Avoid the use of acids or alkalis that you would not want in contact with your skin for an extended period of time
  • Avoid products such as Comet, Ajax, Jiff or Cerium Oxide which polish back the actual substrate
  • Avoid the use of any harsh or chemical cleaners, with correct maintenance these are never required

Approved Cleaning Products

The below products have been tested for compatibility with EnduroShield, however there are no specific products that must
be used. We feel you should not be required to purchase extra products in order to keep your glass clean. With correct
maintenance, all you need for clean glass beyond 10 years is a squeegee, a mild liquid dish soap, and white vinegar.

Any product that does not fall into the prohibited categories listed above will be fine, and below is a short list of acceptable

  • Windex
  • SprayWay (or other alcohol based foaming cleaners)
  • Scrubbing Bubbles (or other automatic leave-to-dry daily shower cleaners)
  • 7th Generation, Earth Choice (or other mild eco friendly cleaners)
  •  CLR (Calcium Lime Rust)
  •  Mr. Clean Magic Eraser (when damp)

It should be noted that with any cleaner used on the EnduroShield surface a thorough rinse with clean water should follow
immediately. Although these cleaners can be used, EnduroShield is designed to be an ‘easy clean coating’ that does not
require harsh or toxic cleaning chemicals to maintain the surface effectively.

If for any reason the recommended maintenance has not been followed for some time, just as it took time for the build up
to occur, it will take time to remove the debris from the protected glass surface. This can most commonly be achieved using
undiluted white vinegar dampened on a Magic Eraser, or CLR on a Magic Eraser. Depending on the severity of the build up
this may take multiple attempts, but once the glass is clean again it will perform like new. Should you have any queries
regarding the cleaning of your treated surfaces please contact EnduroShield.

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