Glass Table Top Project: Wine Barrel

DIY Reclaimed Half-Barrel Shadowbox Coffee Table – Glass Table Top Project

Reclaimed wine barrel furniture has become a very popular trend for modern homes. This DIY reclaimed half-barrel shadowbox coffee table with glass table top project is a simple project will help make your living room feel like your very own wine-tasting room.


  • Old Wine Barrel, Halved (lengthwise)
  • Stain
  • Wood Screws
  • Short Wine Barrel Stand (or make your own basic wooden stand)
  • Tempered glass table top, a few inches larger on the sides than the halved barrel
  • Clear Silicone/Rubber Tubing (wide enough to cut lengthwise and fit over cut sides of barrel to help keep glass in place and protect from scratches) OR Clear Silicone Adhesive (to permanently attach glass table top)


  1. If you’re not comfortable cutting the barrel in half yourself, oftentimes where you purchase the barrel can do it for you and save you a step.
  2. After measuring the barrel opening, add a couple inches so the glass will hang over the edge a bit, 2”-3” each side.
  3. Stain the barrel and bands to your liking. Contrasting colors look fantastic. Stain the stand to match the barrel.
  4. Measure carefully to make sure the stand is exactly centered on the bottom of the barrel and secure the stand to the barrel with wood screws.

Option 1: Interchangeable Shadowbox

  • Turn the table back over leaving the empty trough exposed. If you want to leave the glass removable so you can change up what’s in the “shadowbox”, measure the clear tubing needed to run along the length of the barrel, cut tubing open lengthwise, and fit over the edge of the barrel. You’ll have to cut the tubing a little where it connects on the edges. Fill your shadowbox with items, get creative! Perhaps you collect the corks from the wine bottles you’ve served guests in your home – date them and put names on them, then throw them into the barrel.

Option 2: Permanent Shadowbox

  • Turn the table back over leaving the empty trough exposed. If you want a permanently affixed glass table top, fill and SECURE the contents before you add your glass table top. Carefully center and affix your table top with a strong, clear silicone adhesive along the edges of the barrel, all the way around.

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