Components of Insulated Glass Units

There’s a reason why insulated glass units are popular with homeowners. For one, IGU is energy-efficient and can help you save money in the long run. Additionally, it provides more privacy and comfort.

Components of Insulated Glass Units

IGUs are usually made of two or more panels of glasses. A spacer material separate these glasses. Then, these are sealed at the edges together.

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Glass Types

You can choose various types of glass from standard or glazed glass windows.

The type of window you choose can affect your home’s overall appearance. It may slightly change the insulation of your windows. For example, opting for a glazed glass will make its insulation more effective.

Window Spacer

Window spacer typically has a desiccant that can prevent fogging and absorb moisture. It can be made from plastic, steel, or aluminum. Each has its set of pros and cons. 

For example, steel window spacers are highly durable but are slightly flexible. Its width depends on the type of desiccant you wish to use.


The air bubbles at the center ensure the heat or the cold do not get through the inner pane. It is usually filled with air but can also be filled with other gas fill. Other companies fill it with argon or krypton as these are denser than air.

Therefore, these particular gases are less likely to conduct heat. Choose the right gas, so your home is the right temperature.

There are standard insulated glass units from different companies. But it is possible to customize yours to fit your home’s needs. Be sure to talk to a trusted glass company for customization.

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