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What Glass Thickness Do I Need For My Table?

tempered glass top for dining table

A tempered glass tabletop is perfect for dining rooms, making them feel more special and formal. If you’re thinking about adding a tempered glass top to your dining table and wondering about what thickness is best, read on. Tempered glass is perfect for dining tables because they are long-lasting, resistant to heat, and don’t scratch…

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Install Tempered Glass Wall Shelving In Your Home

tempered glass wall shelves

Tempered glass shelves are elegant and suit practically any interior design style. They’re also incredibly easy to install on your own. Here’s how: For floating tempered glass shelves, all you need are several tempered glass shelves, a drill, a screwdriver, a wall saw, adhesive caulking, measuring tape, a pencil, and a mounting template. Step 1:…

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The Uses Of Tempered Glass Panels

tempered glass office dividers

Tempered glass panels undergo special heating and cooling manufacturing processes that make them super strong, resistant to heat and scratches, and safer than ordinary glass. They’re also incredibly clear, fully transparent, and are available in various patterns.  Applications of Tempered Glass Panels Tempered glass panels have a wide variety of applications in the home and…

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10 Wall Decorating Ideas Using Tempered Glass Shelves

tempered glass panels

Tempered glass shelves look great on their own but can also be used to create art and other wall decors. Here are 10 wall decorating ideas you can make (with some help) using tempered glass shelves. Floating glass shelves This is a modern take on the floating wooden shelves. Use a drill and a wall…

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The Use Of Tempered Glass In Architecture

architectural tempered glass

Homes with an abundance of glass features have become popular in recent decades, owing in part to the popularity of minimalist and industrial design aesthetics. Tempered glass can be used in so many parts of the house, including the walls, stairs, doors, windows, and more. Here are just some of the many uses of tempered…

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When To Use Tempered Safety Glass

washbasin made of tempered glass

The International Residential Code sets certain building codes that specify where tempered glass should be installed in a home to prevent injury or death. Uses Of Tempered Glass In Your Home Here’s how you should use tempered safety glass in your home: Glass doors According to the IRC, all glass panels in fixed, sliding, swinging,…

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10 Common Tempered Glass Uses

broken car tempered glass

You’ve probably noticed how so much of the stuff you see around you is made of glass. And it’s not just any glass, but a safer and stronger kind called tempered glass. Uses of Tempered Glass These are just some of the many uses of tempered glass: Mobile device Your laptop screen and smartphone display…

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How Is Tempered Glass Made?

tempered glass manufacturing process

Unlike annealed glass or what we know as “ordinary” glass, tempered glass does not break into large jagged shards that can cause serious injuries. Instead, it breaks into smaller granular pieces that are less likely to cause harm. This is why tempered glass is used in passenger vehicle windows, refrigerator trays, shower enclosures, microwave ovens,…

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How Is Glass Made?

broken toughened glass

Toughened glass, otherwise known as safety glass or tempered glass, is used in applications where the chances of stress and damage are high. This type of glass is much, much stronger than ordinary glass and can be found in vehicle windows, glass table tops, kitchen appliances, mobile devices, countertops, shower doors, and more. Toughened glass…

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7 Advantages Of Tempered Glass

advantages of tempered glass

Tempered glass is used in a wide variety of everyday things, including computers, smartphones, windows, kitchen appliances, bathtub enclosures, and vehicles. Why should you use tempered glass instead of ordinary glass? Here are some benefits you need to know about: It’s safer The biggest advantage of tempered glass over annealed or “ordinary” glass is that…

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