All You Need To Know About Laminated Glass

Laminated Glass: Uses And Benefits

Different glass has different usage and capabilities. Now when we talk about laminated glass, there’s a set of questions that comes along with it– what is laminated glass, and how can you tell its difference from others? Let us break it all to you.

What is Laminated Glass?

Also called “safety glass”, laminated glass is made from two or more glass lites bonded permanently together. It’s bonded with plastic interlayers or PVB by undergoing processes of heating and pressure. 

The interlayers of laminated glass may also vary from colors and thickness. This made it safer to use, as it adheres to the requirements of different code organizations.

This glass is made tough, but still is breakable under pressure. However, broken laminated glass is less dangerous than ordinary ones. Once broken, it remains intact instead of shattering into tiny pieces. This is because of the plastic seal that holds the layers of glass together.

Difference Between Tempered and Laminated Glass

There’s a slight confusion between these two types of glass. While they were both made safer for commercial and residential, there’s a big difference in the process and their materials.

Tempered glass is composed of a single piece of glass that underwent heating and cooling processes called ‘tempering’ to improve its strength. It’s used for surfaces that need an extra layer of protection, like table tops, covers or other indoor needs.

Laminated glass, on the other hand, is composed of two pieces of glass sandwiched together with a layer or PVB plastic film that holds them in the middle. When compared with tempered glass, laminated glass is stronger and more durable. It’s mostly used for residential doors and windows as well as in vehicles. 

There’s also what we call the tempered laminated glass which is composed of two tempered glass, combined together with PVB interlayer film. This makes it the strongest of all as it uses the combined strength of both tempered and laminated glasses.

Benefits of Laminated Glass

With its sturdiness and unparalleled strength, there’s no wonder why laminated glass has been crowned the modern-day alternative approach to design and aesthetics. Aside from providing natural benefits of ordinary glass, it also provides safety needed for commercial and residential uses.

UV Protection

Harmful UV rays penetrate through ordinary glass, destroying paint finish and other furnishings. You can be assured that with laminated glass, your interiors are well-protected from the harsh rays.

Laminated glass is made to resist even up to 99% UV rays, protecting your house and other establishments from solar radiation. The PVB layer acts as the extra layer of protection that regulates temperature and resists UV radiation.

Sound-Proof Features

Its thickness is not only good for security, but also for sound proofing. It creates a sound barrier that minimizes the noise from outside. This is why establishments prefer this material in schools, offices or sound studios that are sensitive to sound.

Aesthetically Pleasing

There’s no denying that glass tops the choices of design professionals. It’s simply the best material to maximize small spaces, show off an interesting piece of design, or provide a favorable artistic impression. 

Laminated glass can be customized in different colors and shades for the delight of its users.

Customizable Layers for Security

Depending on its usage, more people are customizing laminated glass to serve their needs. In fact, the laminated glass is constructed to accommodate every kind of customization needed to fit its purpose.

It can be customized according to the number of layers, and amount of glass thickness to make it suitable for climate changes.

Pricing and Other Costs

Due to its highly customizable features, laminated glass costs can vary in so many ways. Regular laminated glass can cost between $10 to $20 per square foot.

If you’re looking to customize it for better functionality, take into consideration certain factors like glass thickness, color, number of layers, and other added features. 

Installation procedures can also add up to the overall costs as it will need professional help.

Laminated glass is no doubt the type of glass you’ll prefer for your security. It’s durable and highly customizable for any purpose it can serve you.

However, its performance may differ depending on how it was fabricated and processed. One Day Glass is one of the top-rated manufacturers with expertise in fabrication, design and installation of laminated glass and other types. Send us a message if you need further information.

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