Your Sliding Glass Door Replacement Guide

Most homeowners find sliding glass doors appealing because of the modern style they provide. Not only that, but the cost to replace sliding glass doors is more affordable compared to other solutions. Though you may find it less expensive, it is still better not to spend money by keeping your sliding glass door safe from scratches. This way, you can prolong its life span and use it as long as possible. But in case the glass door is broken, or the problem cannot be fixed by simple cleaning, you need this sliding glass door replacement guide.

Step By Step Guide to Sliding Glass Door Replacement

No matter how careful you are in keeping your glass doors safe, there could be an accident that may require changing it. In case you need a sliding glass door replacement, try to follow this guide:

Part 1 Removing the Sliding Glass Doors

  • Remove the old door frame and threshold. You need to get rid of the existing door frame if you want to install a new one. Make sure to also remove all the curtains or blinds in the sliding glass door.
  • Cut the weather stripping around the old door frame and threshold. You may use a razor blade to score the drywall. This way, you can make a clean breaking point that prevents damage to the surrounding wall. You may get rid of the mounting strip if you cannot remove the trim.
  • Remove the sliding glass door panels. Be careful if these are broken to avoid any injury. To remove the glass panel, start by lifting the door up and off the bottom track. Once done, lift it out towards you to remove the door panel from the top track.
  • Get rid of any screws or nails that hold the frame to the studs of the wall. After that, you may pry the door frame and threshold from the door opening.
  • Make a door opening for the sliding glass door replacement. Don’t forget to measure the doorway’s opening and the new glass door to determine if the door frame is thicker than the old one.

Part 2 Installing the Sliding Glass Door Replacement

  • To install the sliding glass door, start by inserting the panel. Do this by lifting the door panel up and into the top track. After that, push the door panel up and away from you to place the bottom of the door onto the bottom track. With the right adjustment, the door panel should then be able to slide horizontally.
  • Install the necessary door handles and lock by following the instructions that came with the new sliding glass door.
  • Don’t forget to seal the new sliding glass door replacement to prevent any damage caused by the weather. This will also prevent hot and cold air from entering or exiting your home. You may seal around the doorframe using weatherproof silicone caulking or expanding foam caulking.

Before you consider a sliding glass door replacement, you might want to check it first and see whether you need a new one or not. Sometimes, a sliding door refuses to slide because of the debris build-up stuck along the track. If so, what you need is to clean it rather than opt for a new sliding glass door. But if you badly need to replace the glass door because of shattered glasses, make sure to follow the guide above or call a door contractor as soon as possible.

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