Your Guide On Frosted Glass Doors

Should I Use Frosted Glass For Door Panels?

Any glass that has been texturized or processed to look semi-opaque or translucent is considered as frosted glass. In many cases, this type of glass is not only used for design, but also for a variety of functions.

Types of Frosted Glass

The two main types of frosted glass are Acid-etched and Sandblasted glass. These two types are classified by the different techniques used for them to look translucent. However, with the increasing number of demands, some application processes were added. Here’s to discuss them in detail.

1. Acid-etched Glass

Also known as French Embossing, Acid-etched glass is one of the oldest decorative glass techniques used. This started when craftsmen thousands of years ago discovered that hydrochloric acid applied to the glass can produce a certain decorative effect. The acid is applied to both sides of the glass, melting it to achieve a translucent look with a smooth texture.

2. Sandblasted Glass

Etching the glass with sand or other abrasive materials is considered as the sandblasting glass technique. Sand is used to wear away the glass’ surface getting a frosted glass look. Sandblasting however, offers versatility to the glass design. You can also adjust the level of opaqueness from light, medium to heavy.

3. Ceramic Frit Silk Screened Glass

This type of frosted glass requires ceramic to be painted on the glass. This gives designers freedom to use a variety of colors and shapes to customize the glass with. From raw powdered materials that are heated and cooled, the frit is made and then transferred to the glass through heat.

4. Translucent Interlayer Laminated Glass

Frosting laminated glass can simply be achieved by making its interlayer translucent. Since laminated glass is composed of two glass panels held together by an interlayer or polyvinyl butil (PVB), a translucent interlayer does the trick. Aside from its durability, a translucent laminated glass ticks all boxes for design and privacy.

5. Applied Translucent Film

A cost-effective technique that still gives you the frosted glass advantage is the applied translucent film type. This works like an insulating film applied on the glass of your choice. It also helps insulate rooms, saving from energy costs. This type can work like a shade, blocking 99% of UV radiation while making sure privacy and design are both achieved. 

Why Use Frosted Glass on Door Panels?

For residential and commercial purposes, frosted glass is often used for panels and doors. They provide an exquisite touch to any decor, while providing the right kind of privacy you need.

It Provides Privacy and Protection

Privacy is one of the reasons why frosted glass is used especially on glass panels and doors. The big question is, can one really see through a frosted glass door?

Frosted glass works by scattering light and visually blurring images behind the glass. This means you can still see through them, but the vision will be cloudy and fuzzy. 

You shouldn’t opt for frosted glass panels for doors if you need a room to be well-lit, as it will only involve minimal light to pass through. In the case of privacy, frosted glass doors will surely be a delight in any kind of bathroom doors and panels.

Not only does it work for privacy, but frosted glass also blocks harsh UV rays from entering, protecting rooms that are directed to sunlight.

Minimizes Energy Consumption

Since light can still pass through the glass, lighting won’t be compromised as much. For bathroom use, you need not install more lighting fixtures because it still functions like an ordinary mirror.

For rooms, energy is saved because it filters the amount of light that passes through. This makes a room less likely to absorb heat during a warm sunny day, or the cold during the winter. You don’t have to crank your thermostat up, or get your AC working up all day, saving you from all the costs.

Less Maintenance Needed

Bathroom panels and doors are susceptible to water stains and mold build up. With frosted glass doors and panels, you don’t have to worry about that. Like any other glass, it won’t rust or corrode after a while. You can easily clean it with cloth to keep it looking new. 

Highly Adaptable Design Applications

With all the types of frosted glass applications, you can choose which suits your designs best. There are multitude of ways to design frosted glass with creativity and functionality in mind. Designers love the drama of its texture and how it plays with lighting.

Is Frosted Glass More Expensive?

You might be looking to spend an additional $300 to $350 more for frosted glass applications in your decor. This is because it will need to go through etching and sanding processes to make it fit for use. This follows that you should only look for the best glass manufacturer that offers quality for the price.

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