What’s the Difference Between Tempered and Ceramic Glass?

Knowing the difference between a tempered and ceramic glass makes a huge difference when you need to install a new glass or replace a broken one at home. Take note that the temperature and usage affect the glass in different ways. You do not want to waste money installing a new glass only for it to get broken again because of fracture or extreme temperature damage.

Tempered Glass

Tempered glass is more economical and durable than ceramic glass. In fact, most buildings that are built on glass and steel, use tempered glass. The glass is made with safety in mind. It is created using a heat and chemical process that enables compression and tension in the glass. It will not shatter in big and dangerous pieces like ceramic glass, but in small pieces. Generally, tempered glass breaks at about 24,000 psi while an ordinary one at 6,000 psi.

Fireplace glass doors are also made of tempered glass. They can handle the heat better, as well as make the burning of firewood more efficient. You also do not have to worry about the glass getting fractured by the heat. In fact, it can help enhance energy efficiency and save you thousands of dollar in energy costs in the long run.

Ceramic Glass

There is a two-step process involved in creating a ceramic glass. The first process involves PyroCeram or NeoCeram that promotes the growth of crystalline in the second production. Then, when the growth of crystals is controlled, there will be uniform growth inside the glass. You will get the advantage of both glass and ceramics.

It is softer compared to tempered glass and probably not the most durable choice for indoor glass walls or tabletops, but you can use ceramic glass as fireplace inserts because it can withstand the heat that is not exceeding 1292F continuous or 1472 for a limited time. 

Choosing which glass to get ultimately depends on what you want and how you will use it. However, to avoid any damages on your property or wasting money, it is best to be aware of the type of glass and what it is designed for. You will not only save money in the long run, but you will also save yourself from the stress of cleaning and replacing broken glass, as well as the potential harm it will do to your family especially when you are not around.

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