The See-Through Office Walls with Tempered Glass Panels

One of the latest trends in workplace design is putting up tempered glass panels as interior walls. It does not only provide light and space in the office, it also encourages collaboration. Glass walls are becoming more and more popular because it reduces space and gives any room the appearance of openness.

Glass Walls Encourage Productivity In The Workplace

According to studies, employees that are more exposed to natural daylight and have more visibility of the outdoors, as well as their coworkers are more productive and energetic compared to the employees working in enclosed cubicles or rooms of traditional offices. This is why companies choose interior glass as their top material of choice when building the office spaces.

Glass Walls Promote Sustainability And Minimize Sound Leakage

Tempered glass panels as interior walls also promote sustainability without affecting sound acoustics. Thicker glass panels actually minimize sound bounce or leakage. Of course, this is not the only one that you should pay attention to when you are trying to minimize sound leakage. You have to sound-mask rooms such as conference rooms by adding noise-absorbing materials such as wall fabrics, rugs, and carpet tiles.

Paying attention to the surfaces can help you determine the right tools to use when sound-masking the room for acoustics and speech privacy.

Glass Walls Do Not Negatively Affect The Privacy Of Employees

Although companies are trying to encourage collaboration among employees by choosing glass walls, some employees may feel like working in a fishbowl because their work and actions throughout the day can be seen by everyone, or worse, they would feel like they are under the scrutiny of their higher-ups. This may be true, but there are privacy solutions to this problem.

A company may opt for a high-tech glass wall panels that are most commonly called as, “switchable glass”. This type of laminated glass can be electronically controlled to switch to darker panels when needed such as during a conference. However, it may be a little costly for the company.

There are other ways to preserve the privacy of employees such as putting glass film stickers. These stickers are available in different patterns and designs. Not only will they add to the decoration of the interior, they also provide employees enough privacy, light, space, and enough encouragement for collaboration.

Glass Walls Do Not Have To Be Glaring

The glare should not be a problem when choosing to have a glass wall interior. Interior designers should ensure that the natural light and interior light should work together to avoid the glare and restrict or affect the employees’ work.

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