Shower Door Installation DIY Tips

Some homeowners overlook the significance of shower doors. They think it’s unnecessary to enhance them as long as they give you privacy when using the shower room. However, shower doors speak a lot when it comes to a bathroom’s aesthetics. Since they come in a wide range of colors and materials, you can select something that provides both privacy and your desired style. If you have a specific style in your mind right now, let’s help you achieve it through our shower door installation guide.

How to Install Shower Door: Planning Stage

Shower door installation may sound intimidating at first, but it becomes easier once you familiarize yourself with the steps. But before we proceed with the steps, it is crucial to plan, including the materials you will need and the exact measurements for the shower door. Here’s what you need to do when planning:

  1. Decide what material to use for your shower door. Answer these questions:
  • If you want to achieve the shower glass door, what type of glass do you prefer?
  • What is the measurement of the shower’s opening?
  • Do you need a filler strip for the wall?
  • What is the distance between the bath fixtures and the potential obstacles that the outswing door might hit?
  1. Once you have answered the questions, you may consider sketching the shower door’s overall look. This will give you an idea of what the project is all about. Write the measurements you need and take them with you whenever you are doing the task.

Step By Step Shower Door Installation

Once the materials are already prepared, and you know the exact measurements, it’s time to do the door installation project. Take a look at the following guide:

  • Use a sharp hacksaw to cut the base track. Make sure that it fits tightly between the stall walls. Place the track if it’s centered from front to back.
  • Hold a jamb piece against the wall and mark the holes to the screw holes. Remove the jamb and create a small divot with a hammer and nail or automatic punch.
  • Drill holes considering the marks using a masonry drill bit, then drive a 1½-inch stainless steel pan-head screw into the holes.
  • Once the door is plumb, the hinge rail should still be engaged in the jamb—there’s a full ½ inch of adjustment for plumb between these two pieces.
  • Hang the glass door by drilling four 7/32-inch pilot holes through the hinge rail holes, then into the mounted jamb. After that, fasten the hinge rail to the jamb. Once done, you may now install the remaining side jamb.
  • Screw the frames together, place the shower header, and attach the drip rail.
  • For the finishing touches, apply the silicone caulk to ensure that the shower enclosure is entirely waterproof.

Shower door installation could be quite challenging at first, but reading the guide above will help you figure out how you can do it properly. If you think you need help, don’t forget to ask for assistance from professional door contractors. Although it requires spending fees, it will guarantee that the job is correctly done.

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