Should You Opt for Glass Deck Railings?

Glass Deck Railing: All You Need To Know

Classy and elegant, glass used for railings has taken the interior design industry by storm. With a huge number of captivating design options, you can enjoy different aesthetic principles and space-saving ideas for both residential and commercial use.

For many though, there are still questions that seem to bug them about using glass for deck railings. Is it safe to use? Will it break? Would it cost me more? Here’s to answer all your burning questions about glass deck railings.

Types of Glass

Railings is a safety feature for decks, balconies, staircases and other elevated platforms. This is why the materials used for it must be durable enough to withstand pressure and the test of time.

The glass for railings can either be tinted, curved, straight or decorative, fully supported or minimally supported. Whichever you choose, glass deck railing installations should follow certain codes for safety purposes.

For the type of glass, you can either choose between tempered or laminated glass. These two underwent different processes to be made stronger than ordinary or annealed glass. 

Tempered Glass

Went through a process called “tempering”, this glass is recommended for glass railings. The use of tempered is safer as when it breaks, it only shatters into tiny harmless pieces, than large shards of broken glass. 

Laminated Glass

This is the strongest in the glass category as it’s made up of two glass panes combined together with plastic interayers,  polyvinyl butyral (PVB) or ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA). These interlayers ensure that the glass is kept intact once broken.

If you want to have the best of both worlds, you can ask your manufacturer about tempered laminated glass. It’s a glass that underwent the tempering process, that was binded together with plastic interlayers to keep it strong.

Glass Railing Systems 

Two types of railing systems have been made to satisfy every customers’ taste for glass railing design, while keeping it safe for use.

Framed Glass Railing

Offering the combination of safety and aesthetics, framed glass railing system makes use of glass panels held together by a frame. These frames can either be made from metal or aluminum. It provides great views still, with maximized support for safety. 

Frameless Glass Railing

If you want unhampered views, go for a frameless glass railing system. It offered unhampered views, best for decks with scenic views. Glass panels are held by clamps or posts to keep it in place. It’s best for aesthetics as it gives an impression of floating glass or invisible railings.

Benefits of Using Glass Railings

We’ve already told you about the aesthetic part. However, if you’re undecided whether or not to get one, here’s a list that proves why you shouldn’t be.


Aesthetics is one, but design versatility is another. Glass is known to be versatile and can adapt to any design, and space size. It’s good for small spaces as it gives an illusion of big spaces. It also works best for big space designs as it showcases a lot of design principles and elements.

Unobstructed Views

Spaces with decks, balconies, and other raised platforms offer one special thing: the views. For glass railings, it offers you unobstructed views that you want to enjoy from time to time.

Solid Barrier

Unlike other solid railings, glass railings provide the most solid barrier for your decks, staircases or balconies. It’s considered a safer option as it prevents anything from dangling in between. So if it’s a question of safety for you, there’s a lot to love about glass railings.


It may be a shock to some, but glass railings tend to be durable, if properly handled and installed. In fact, malls, hotels, and other public infrastructure are reaping these benefits in the long run. 

Unlike metal that tends to rust over time, or wood that can wither on bad conditions, glass, unless of course broken, will remain unchanged in the years to come.

Customizable Functions

If you’re worrying about the greenhouse effect or the sun’s harmful rays, there’s a lot of options you can do about it. Laminated glass has customizable features that can accommodate UV protection and color or shade customizations.

So if it’s a question on safety, you know you shouldn’t be worrying about any of that already. Glass deck railings are highly recommended for both commercial and residential use. 

It’s also important to choose the best manufacturers to get your glass from. You should be able to trust them with the quality of your glass to make sure that it’s safe to use. 

One Day Glass is one of the leading manufacturers of glass that specializes in deck railings and other installations. Send us your inquiry and our experts will be glad to help you.

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