Security Door Tempered Glass vs. Laminated Glass

Are you mulling over the type of glass you want to use for your security door? Are you thinking of buying either tempered glass or laminated glass? This article will help you think things through.

Tempered Glass

Also known as heat-treated glass, the tempered glass is purposely fabricated for usage in areas with a high risk of contact and breakage. This kind is more durable than the standard glass and does not shatter into large shards when broken, which makes it safer than the commonly used glass. When it does break, however, it will only smash into small bits without the hazardous sharpness of a regular shattered glass. Because of its tough reputation, you will find this glass almost everywhere, from the shower doors to your windows, just to name a few.

Laminated Glass

This is a safety glass that sticks together when broken. This is mainly a glass sandwich with a vinyl interlayer keeping the glass together, so it does not shatter into pieces when smashed. This is normally used for automotive windshields, but its safety advantage is suitable for residential use too, especially in a home where there are children and pets.

Tempered glass vs. laminated glass, which one do you think is best for your security door? Whether you want a tempered glass or a laminated glass, you can get the best quote here. Finalize your choice and check with the glass specialist.

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