Replacement Mirror Glass: What you Need to Know?

When your mirrors at home break or are chipped, it is time to replace them. When shopping or replacing mirror glass, there are factors that you need to consider and steps that you need to take. This is important when you want to do it yourself.

In this article, you will learn what you need to know when buying and replacing mirror glass.

Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Replacement Mirror Glass

When buying a replacement mirror, you don’t just pick up the ones you see in the store. You need to assess if such a mirror meets the standard to consider it long-lasting.

Here are the things that you need before buying a replacement mirror:

Mirror Quality

The glass quality shouldn’t have inconsistencies. You can test its reflection, and if there is no distortion, then the quality is good.

The presence of a reflective coating must also be checked. The most common is the silver coating. It must be thick enough to give you a good reflection and sealed with paint.

Mirror Thickness

Mirrors come in three different thicknesses: 4mm, 5mm, and 6mm. These three are ideal for all types of mirror design. However, if you opt for a frameless mirror, you need to get the thickest since it has no support unlike the framed ones. Get some advice from the professionals of the shop you wish to buy your mirror.

Accurate Measurements

Before ordering a glass mirror from the local glass shop, make sure you have the correct measurements. Identify the space where you want to place the mirror and then measure the height and length.

Some glass shops like One Day Glass accept customized glass mirrors. So you can order something that complements the room’s design where you want to place the mirror.


The best places to hang your mirrors are in the bathroom, bedroom, or dressing room. Some homeowners love to put mirrors in the living room to make it look spacious.

While there are ideal spaces where you can put mirrors, one of the things that you should consider is your closet door. If you don’t have a mirror attached to your closet door, it is time to replace mirror closet doors. You can have a custom-cut door mirror from One Day Glass.

replace mirror closet doors

Tips and Steps on Replacing a Mirror

Keep the frame and replace the mirror.

Framed mirrors hung on walls are usually for decoration. And once it cracked or became broken, it would no longer serve its purpose. Since ordering a new customized framed mirror will be costly, you can just change the mirror. That is why you need a replacement mirror for the frame, which you can buy from any glass shop.

Here are the steps you can take when replacing a mirror in a frame:

Steps in replacing the mirror in a frame

  • Remove the mirror from the back. Framed mirror usually has frame clips that hold the mirror in place.
  • Carefully pull the mirror from inside the frame.
  • Examine the frame for glass crystals and make sure to remove them.
  • Measure the interior of the frame to get the dimension of the replacement mirror glass. You may also measure the thickness of the old mirror to get the exact fit. Present to any glass shops.
  • Once you have the ordered mirror from the shop, remove the protective cover from the surface of the new mirror.
  • Insert the new mirror, face down.
  • Place the backing and lock it with frame clips.
  • You can now flip the glass over and wipe the mirror with a glass cleaner once the glass is secure.
  • You can now hang it back to the wall.

Use Self-adhesive Strips to Stick Mirror

While there are already upgraded sliding closets that come with a mirror, some bedrooms still have the traditional closet with a mirror just sticking on the door. And once it gets broken, you need another mirror to replace it. If you have a closet door that needs mirror replacement, use self-adhesive strips to attach the replacement mirror.

Steps in Replacing Mirror on Closet Door

  • Carefully remove the broken mirror.
  • Clean and sand the surface. There shouldn’t be crystals or glue left.
  • Get the pre-cut mirror and hold it up to the closet door.
  • Mark dots with chalk to show the corners of the mirror on the door.
  • Use a level to check the points in the same horizontal plane. Correct if necessary.
  • Get a self-adhesive, remove the backing, and put the adhesive tape at the back of the mirror on its right and left side, about ½ inches from the edge.

Additional Tip: If the mirror is too thick that weighs over 15 pounds, you need to apply more than two strips alongside the mirror.

If you need a replacement mirror glass, order from One Day Glass! You just need to present the measurement of the mirror you want, and it will be ready to hang or install.

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