How to Replace an RV Window put together an excellent video on measuring, purchasing and installing a replacement RV Window using windows purchased from which is one of our other Peninsula Glass divisions. This video is an excellent step by step video that they followed including a tour of our factory. investigated a number of purchase options including DIY repair kits, OEM replacement windows from Newmar as well as RV Windows from Peninsula Glass. As they considered price and quality they settled on RV windows from Peninsula Glass.

Excerpt from the article from How To Replace an RV Window & How It’s Made!

“Once we decided to go with replacement vs. repair, the next option was to purchase the exact same OEM replacement from Newmar. But the price was even higher, with our small (15″ x 30″) kitchen window coming in at about $425. And while we have had only two windows fail in over 11 years (this one, plus the first one under warranty), we’re aware that the OEM brand doesn’t have the best reputation, with many people commenting about problems in online forums. So we thought we’d take this opportunity to search for a superior replacement… and maybe save some money in the process.”



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