How to Keep Your Wood Stove Glass Looking Its Best

Wood stoves can be a great addition to any room, as they are both cozy and can add a bit of ambiance to the environment. However, frequent use over time can lead to soot build-up and leave your wood stove glass looking dirty and unattractive. To keep your glass looking its best, there are several things you should and should not do.

The best way to keep your wood stove glass looking great is to clean it frequently or as needed. Warm wood stove glass is easier to clean than cold glass, so you may want to clean it following a few high temperature fires. A timeless cleaning method is to use ash on a piece of newspaper or a paper towel to clean the glass.

  • First, dip the newspaper or paper towel in the ash and use this to clean the glass.
  • If your glass requires a more thorough cleaning, there are also special cleaners that are specifically designed to clean wood stove glass.

Things to Avoid

There are also several things you should avoid doing while trying to clean your wood stove glass.

  • Although warm glass will clean more easily, you should never clean glass immediately after putting it over a fire.
  • Also, you should not spray water on warm or hot glass, as it may cause the glass to crack or shatter.

You should also avoid scraping the glass with a knife or razor blade as this can cause scratches and may damage the glass. These helpful tips can keep your wood stove glass looking its best, allowing you to enjoy your wood stove for a very long time.

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