How to Tell if the Glass is Tempered?

Tempered glass is in demand nowadays because it offers class and elegance to the room where it is installed. Some homeowners use it on their windows, while some love to use it in their bathroom or showers. But, regardless of where you install the tempered glass, you must buy the genuine one. So, how can you tell if the glass is tempered?

There are many ways to know this, including how the glass feels to the touch and sounds when tapped. The most commonly used method is to see how the surface of the glass has been treated. For example, tempered glasses have a dull finish that feels almost sandpapery in texture, while non-tempered glasses have a shiny surface.

What is a Tempered Glass?

Tempered glass is a safety glass with high mechanical strength and more excellent resistance to thermal stress than regular or annealed glass. The tempering process involves heating the flat “green” or un-tempered glass in a controlled atmosphere oven, then rapidly cooling it by spraying cold water over both surfaces. At the same time, the outside temperature is still elevated. This creates a compression layer in the glass due to internal stresses induced by thermal expansion mismatches. As a result, the exterior surface is under tension, while its inside remains in compression.

Characteristic of a Tempered Glass

Tempered glass is durable. It is heated under special tempering equipment and cools down under high pressure, making it five times stronger than the other glass. When tempered glass breaks into small pieces, minimizing the risk of injury. The regular glass breaks in chunks and into sharp shards. So, if your newly installed tempered glass window breaks, you can tell if you have bought a tempered or just the regular glass.

Tempered glass has a cloudy appearance and is harder to see through. That is why it is often used in the house as part of the wall, window and shower panel, and door. You can see through it but leave some privacy.

Despite being durable, tempered glass is not scratch-resistant. They can still get scratches from sharp objects. So, you can still see some scratches on the surface.

Ways to Check the Tempered Glass

Tempered glass is a bit more expensive than standard glass. Depending on the density and thickness, it can cost around $12 to $50 per square foot. So, buying tempered glass is a considerable investment, so you have to ensure you get the real ones. You don’t want to spend a large amount of money knowing that you bought the wrong one.

Here are a few ways to tell if the glass is tempered:

Check the Edges of a Tempered Glass
Tempered glass goes through the tempering process, and during those steps, they are treated with extreme heat. This gives the glass a smooth finish. While at the edge of this glass, you will notice how it is smooth and rounded compared to the standard glass used on windows.

glass is tempered

Checking by Sound
When you tap on the edge of tempered glass with your knuckle, it should sound hollow and empty rather than having a deep, low sound. It should also produce a “tinny” or high-pitched tone if tapped on the surface of the glass itself.

Check how it Feels to your Touch.
You can tell how tempered glass feels by running your fingernail over its edge and across its face surfaces. If you feel sharp edges or the glass feels smooth, it is probably annealed. On the other hand, if you feel rounded edges and the surface has a sandpaper-like texture, this is tempered glass.

Use Polarized Glasses and view the sun through the Glass.
Another way to tell if the glass is tempered is with the use of polarized glasses. View the glass outside and let the light pass through it. If you are holding a tempered glass, you should be seeing a shady stretching line across it. It is usually due to the rollers where the glass is resting during the process of tempering. It is also darker than the standard glass.

Buy Tempered Glass from Trusted Supplier

There are different tempered glass suppliers, and those who sell the real tempered glass will explain and demonstrate how to tell if the glass is tempered. So, you can always ask the seller if you need to clarify something or want to verify information about tempered glass.

If you plan to buy tempered glass for your bathroom, windows, or even to use as walls in your newly constructed house, reach out to us. We offer different types of glasses, including tempered ones. In addition, we customize them based on your needs and requirements.

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