How to Replace Wood Stove Glass – Cracked, Broken

Under normal circumstances, wood stove glass will not easily crack or break, but things do happen and sometimes you end up needing to replace wood stove glass. Be sure to use safety equipment (protect your eyes, hands), and exercise caution.

How to Replace Wood Stove Glass

First, determine why the wood stove glass broke to prevent future breakage. The most common reasons are:

  • Impact – When an object (such as a log or wood stove tool) bumps up against the glass too hard, it will break.
  • Spillage – Contact with cold liquids when the glass is hot can break the glass.
  • Extreme over-firing of the stove.
  • Improper glass installation – Tightening the steel clips too tight or uneven tightening which can put stress on the glass when heated. If the other three reasons have been crossed off the list of possibilities, look at the where the glass broke before removing the glass from the door. (Was it near a steel clip?)

Remove the door if you are able. Some have pins, others are bolted in. It’s best to lay this down on a few layers of newspaper to avoid soot residue from getting everywhere. Removing the door will make your job easier.

Assuming you’ve already gotten a free quote and ordered your custom-sized ceramic glass, you’ll now begin carefully removing the broken glass. Most often the glass is held in by steel metal clips which must be removed first.

If you notice that the gasket around the inside of the door is worn and needs to be replaced, this is a great time to consider replacing it. When you remove the rope gasket, clean out the debris it left behind before affixing the new gasket. You can use a rotary tool and drill to quickly clean out the grooves before applying a special adhesive (like Premium Rope Fix). Install the new rope gasket.

Replace wood stove glass. Remove the glass from the package and line it up on the door. Carefully replace the steel clips, being sure to not overtighten them.

Replace the door and you’re done. It’s that simple!

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