How To Fix Broken Thermopane Window

How to Repair a Broken Thermopane Window

Glass repair needs the right kind of skill, especially if it’s a thermopane glass we’re talking about. A thermopane glass is specially designed for insulation, this is why only skilled experts should work how to fix it once it breaks.

Thermopane Window Explained

A thermopane window is another term used for insulated windows. It’s a kind of window that uses double or triple panes separated with spacers. These spacers provide air pockets that are filled with argon or krypton gas, to work with insulation well.

A window that uses a thermopane glass is a special kind, as it has special properties designed for a purpose. This is why once broken, it can’t be easily repaired at home. 

When Should You Repair Your Window?

Even the slightest of abrasions or a little crack can destroy the whole purpose of insulation of your thermopane window. Check out your windows and get them to an expert for repair if:

The Glass is Cracked or Broken

The most obvious reason of all is when the glass of your thermopane window develops a crack or is completely broken. No matter what kind of glass repair tool you have, you shouldn’t be dealing with the repair at home. This is because repair and replacement will be needing the right tools and skill to get the insulation working agai.

Once you see even the tiniest crack on these types of windows, call your glass manufacturer for assessment and assistance. 

Seals are Compromised

Noticed that your windows are getting foggy? This may be because its seals have been compromised. Never shrug off broken seals because even if it looks like a cosmetic procedure, it might be the culprit why warm or cold air is escaping the room. 

Seals can be broken due to different reasons like continuous freeze-and-thaw cycle, exposure to direct sunlight, temperature instability, or others. This is why getting an expert assess the condition of your seals is recommended.

Windows are Too Old

You shouldn’t trust old windows to do its purpose best. Old windows, though may not necessarily be broken, are susceptible to damage over time. Keep in mind that glass may not necessarily develop damage over time, but the frames and seals do. 

Repairing Thermopane Windows

You don’t have to replace the whole window for it. If you’re finally decided to repair old thermopane windows, you can do so by only replacing the glass. 

Contact your glass manufacturer for assessment and assistance. This part is needed as insulated windows can only be repaired by a professional. Us at One Day Glass can provide you with customized glass replacement for your thermopane glass.

Step 1 – Choose Your Manufacturer

There are a lot of glass manufacturers in the market, but how can you make sure that you’ll be contacting the best one? First, look for the one that’s nearest your area. Additional fees may apply if your chosen manufacturer has to travel a long distance to get to you. 

Next, dig deeper into the manufacturer– see their website, read reviews, and try to see if they are accommodating to your questions. The real glass experts know their game and make sure that quality is where the pricing is about.

Step 2 – Evaluation and Measurements

Once you’ve chosen your manufacturer, invite them in for assessment and measurements. If you want to do the measurements yourself, you can ask guidance from your chosen expert. Although it is recommended that they see the whole thing first, so they’d know how to measure and create customizations for it. 

Once evaluation is done, the glass expert will provide you with a detailed quotation and timetable for installation. 

Step 3 – Prepare the Space

Thermopane glass can’t just be installed as is. You will need to prepare the space for it. It involves removing the existing panes, and cleaning the frame for installation.

Step 4 – Install the Glass

Installation will happen once the customized glass has been made. You will still need a seasoned technician to do the job as the glass is a very delicate piece that needs to be handled properly. Upon installation, your windows will be glazed and caulked for the final touches.

Now that your thermopane windows are looking new, it’s best to care for it properly. Always check if the seals are free from damage and if the frames are in perfect shape. Never turn a blind eye on broken thermopane windows as it can cause condensation in your space, which can result in a series of problems.

One Day Glass can help you get your insulated windows working again. Get in touch with our experts either through our website, social media, or via phone. Hit us up for any questions.

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