Home Depot Exterior Doors: Which One is the Best?

Whether you are building a new house or getting a home renovation, choosing the best type of home depot exterior doors is necessary. You should choose something that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional. There are many exterior doors to choose from; that’s why you might be overwhelmed with the available options. To help you, One Day Glass listed the common materials used for exterior doors.

Home Depot Exterior Doors

Doors come in various sizes, shapes, and designs. When choosing an exterior door, one thing you must consider is the type of material used. It is because no matter how stylish a door is, it might be easily damaged if not made from high-quality material. Take a look at the following options and see if they suit your preferred style and needs:

  • Fiberglass
    Fiberglass comes either with a smooth surface or an embossed wood grain texture. Some manufacturers use an edge treatment to make it appear like real wood. Talking about home depot exterior doors, fiberglass is a practical choice for most homeowners. Fiberglass doors can resist wear and tear better than other materials like steel. Not only that, but they also require less maintenance. For your style preference, fiberglass doors can be painted or stained. When choosing fiberglass doors, be extra careful with them since they can crack under a severe impact.
  • Steel
    Fiberglass makes the right choice for home depot exterior doors with glass. But if you are concerned that they might get cracks, you may consider steel as another option. Compared to other materials, they are more affordable and require less maintenance. What most homeowners love about steel doors is the security and weather resistance that they offer. Another thing people love about steel doors is they are energy-efficient. Despite all of these benefits, steel also has downsides. They can be low-maintenance, but their dents are challenging to fix.
  • Wood
    Although wood requires regular painting and varnishing, wood doors are a common choice for home depot exterior doors. Wood doors can resist wear and tear and are less likely to dent. Besides, scratches are easy to repair. Many homeowners choose wood because they are more eco-friendly than other materials. Wood doors also offer a high-end look and help you achieve the design you want for your home’s aesthetics.

Doors are the entryway to your home; that’s why choosing the best material for home depot exterior doors is essential. Doing so helps you achieve a high-end door that suits your preferred style. With the best door material, you can create a welcoming feeling every time your family, friends, and guests enter your home. But don’t forget to choose an exterior door that offers the best security.

The standard door size for interior doors in the United States is typically 80 inches in height and 36 inches in width. However, there are variations in standard door sizes depending on the type of door and its intended use.

Some common door sizes include:

  • Exterior Doors: Exterior doors are typically thicker and stronger than interior doors and can range in size from 80 to 96 inches in height and 32 to 48 inches in width.
  • French Doors: French doors are typically wider than standard doors and are designed to allow for a wider opening. They can range in size from 60 to 72 inches in width.
  • Sliding Doors: Sliding doors are designed to slide open and closed along a track and can range in size from 60 to 72 inches in width.
  • Pocket Doors: Pocket doors slide into a wall cavity, which requires a special frame to accommodate the door. They can range in size from 24 to 36 inches in width.

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