Finding the Perfect Bathtub Glass Door

Some homeowners overlook the importance of bathtub doors. They think that it is not necessary to prioritize it. Although it could be your last priority, choosing the right bathtub door is crucial to your safety and privacy. Bathtub doors come in a wide range of styles, and selecting the best one can upgrade your bathroom aesthetics while improving your privacy. If you want something modern and stylish, opting for a bathtub glass door is highly recommended.

Bathtub Glass Door Installation

Not all bathrooms have bathtubs. So if you have one in your bathroom, why not make it more appealing? Bathtub doors have evolved, from traditional doors, now you can find modern styles, which are a perfect option if you want to enhance your bathroom aesthetics. This is also ideal if you are following a specific interior design. Installing a bathtub glass door seems expensive, but there are affordable options that you can find in the market today. However, you need to choose the best type of glass used in bathtub glass door installation.

In the past years, annealed glass was used in bathtub glass doors. However, it was reported that it had caused a significant number of injuries. Broken annealed glass is quite dangerous because the shattered pieces are very sharp and can cause severe lacerations. As years pass by, door contractors consider using safety glass such as tempered glass. This glass type undergoes a process of heating and rapid cooling, making it more durable than annealed glass.

Why Choose Tempered Glass?

Like any other glass type, tempered glass also breaks. But compared to annealed glass, it offers a more safety feature. For instance, it disintegrates into smaller pieces when it breaks. These small chunks are not that sharp and pointy, unlike those broken annealed glasses. This is very important, especially in terms of accidents when the glass door breaks. You are more likely to be safe from injuries when you use tempered glass.

Another reason why you should consider tempered glass is the style it offers. There are many types of tempered bathtub glass doors that you can find to suit any of your desired styles. Tempered bathtub glass is available in clear, ultra-clear, acid-etched, patterned, tinted, and cast styles.

  • Acid-etched is the glass type made of “frosty” application of acid.
  • Clear is one of the most popular options for simple, transparent glass.
  • Ultra-clear is the glass type with lowered iron content which can reduce the greenish tint.
  • The cast is a glass formed by filling a mold with molten glass.
  • The patterned glass features a textured pattern on its surface.
  • Tinted refers to the subtle color in the glass.

There are different bathtub glass doors that you can find, but experts recommend using tempered glass for more safety reasons. Besides, this is a popular choice among homeowners because of the modern style it provides. If you have safety concerns with your bathtub glass door, switching to tempered instead of annealed is a better option.

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