DIY Foggy Window Repair on Dual Pane Windows

How Do You Repair a Fogged Window from a Dual Pane Window?

Do you have a foggy dual pane window that has condensation between the panes? What has happened is that these dual pane windows have a seal that has failed. Water vapor has made it to the interior space between the windows. Here is how to do the foggy window repair by the average do-it-yourselfer.

The best way to repair these windows is to replace the sealed window unit which is sometimes called a double glazed unit or an insulated glass unit (IGU). These sealed window units can be easily removed and replaced by the home owner. This foggy window repair has 3 basic steps:

Measuring Your Existing Window

To accurately measure you will likely need to temporarily remove your fogged window. Measure the outside dimensions (height and width) of the sealed window unit to the nearest 1/16”. Measure the dual pane overall thickness. This will typically be ½”, 5/8”, ¾”, 7/8” or 1”. You can order replacement sealed window units here

Removing Old Sealed Window Unit

The sealed window units are held in with what is called beading. Frames can be beaded inside or outside depending on your window frame design. The removable retaining beading surrounds the edges of the double glazed units. The beads can be removed using a thin stiff bladed moon knife. You will want to check for bead removal instructions from your window frame manufacturer.

Install The New Sealed Window Unit

After removing the old sealed unit. Insert the new sealed window unit into place and replace the beading strips and seals. It is often easiest to replace the beading strips with hand pressure rather than using a rubber mallet.

How to Repair Dual Pane Window?

Repair Foggy Dual Pane Window

To repair a foggy or cracked dual pane window unit, you can replace the individual sealed window unit at considerably less cost than replacing the entire window. You can do the replacement yourself or hire a local glass professional to do the replacement for you.

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